8 responses to “Service Shoes For Everyone – EID Winter Collection”

  1. mazhar

    very nice
    how can downlode this vide
    tv add

  2. Reesha Mirza

    This commercial is i guess the most entertaining one…:)…i loved it tooooo much…;)

  3. Anoushay Sheikh

    I and my Mama like this ad too much 🙂 We both sing it every now and then. Very melodious! Great Job! Thumbs Up! 🙂

    1. Anoushay Sheikh

      When will you upload the newest ad? We’re waiting for it desperately….

  4. Shoe

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  5. farea

    hey , I want the lyrics of this commercial how can I get them?

  6. Sanaa

    I love this song! but i don’t know how to download it! and i want the lyrics too. can anyone help? 🙁

  7. shams

    hey , I want the lyrics of this commercial how can I get them?

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