Christmas Festival and Activities In Pakistan

As many other countries, the Christians in Pakistan celebrate this festival of love with open heart and arrange many Christmas activities all over the Pakistan. As soon as Advent is around the corner, the faithful start to feel the spirit of Christmas. Whether Protestant or Catholic, they start to decorate their churches for Sunday mass. In Christian schools and institutions evening are delighted with music and plays.

Christmas Festival and Activities In Pakistan

In Waris pura parish, the largest in the diocese of Faisalabad, the faithful embellish houses and streets. Christmas trees go up in people’s homes and new clothes are bought for children. Multicolour stars brighten rooftops.

In schools December is supposed to be the month for third term exams, but in Christian Schools they are often anticipated to November or the first week of December so that the rest of the month can be spent in Christmas preparations. Students need the time to rehearse for the Nativity play, usually staged on the last days of school of December 20 or 21 before Winter break.

Christmas is a time for charities to help the poor, the sick and those in prison. In Faisalabad Caritas this year is organising a special Christmas dinner for the 300 young inmates at the Borstal Institute and Juvenile Prison. Giving gifts is an old tradition. Traditionally, men give glass bangles to women of their family. Women, on the other hand, wear henna to create traditional hand and foot decorations known as mehndi.

People in Pakistan also love send Christmas Greetings, Christmas Wishes and Christmas SMS 2015 to their friends and family via on mobile and smartphones they also send Christmas Cards or just wish Merry Christmas to every one on Facebook, twitter and whatsapp. At Midnight and Christmas Day mass churches are full. Christmas itself is known as Bara Din, the great day, when people put on their brightest clothes to meet others in an atmosphere of brotherhood.

Since December 25 is a national holiday in Pakistan non Christians celebrate it too for it was on his day in 1876 that Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan’s founder, was born. Pakistan has a population of 143 million, 96.1 per cent Muslim. Christians represent 2.5 per cent or 3.8 million. Catholics are about 1,288,000.

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