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Guinness World Records Best Events – Punjab Youth Festival 2012

Punjab Youth festival organised ‘best’ Guinness events

 Guinness World Records adjudicator says it was ‘memorable
experience’ to be part of big youth gatherings

Lahore (Tuesday, October 23, 2012) –  Guinness World Records (GWR) adjudicator Gareth Deaves on Tuesday praised organisation of Guinness record breaking events during the ongoing Punjab Youth and Sport Festival, and said it was a memorable experience to be part of such big gatherings.

Guinness World Records Best Event

“They were the best ever organised events for Guinness World Records which I have seen as an adjudicator… and credit goes to the Punjab government and Punjab Sports Board,” he said before his departure to England.

Punjab Youth Sports Festival 2012

He said it was an amazing feeling to experience high standard organisational facilities available for attempting world records, adding that he was “very much impressed with the handling of all the events, specially the big ones, including singing of Pakistan’s national anthem and formation of the flag”.

“I have attended a number of record breaking events but the way Punjab government organised the events it showed a lot of discipline and keenness on part of the gatherings on the occasion of making new records,” he said.
Gareth also gave credit to the youth of Punjab for getting Pakistan into GRW by demonstrating higher exhibition of skills and talent, and said it was their hard work and commitment that had put Pakistan into record book.
“It was a very impressive show on part of Pakistani youth and it is good to see that Pakistani youth created number of records in a very well behaved and disciplined manner,” said the GWR adjudicator.
Punjab youth is full of talent and it was a lifetime experience to see big gatherings singing national anthem and forming the national flag,” he said, adding, “If they keep doing hard work in a similar way they can do a lot more in future for bringing good name to their country.”
He said the creation of records has created a new image of Pakistani people who are keen to do wonders in different fields and tasks.
Gareth said the GWR team is very impressed to see the enthusiasm of the people of Pakistan and he was glad to see the interest of people to attempt new records for GWR.

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