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Indonesian Cultural Week in Islamabad

cultural team from Indonesia is visiting Pakistan these days and to give the ladies a taste of what to expect during their performances, the wife of the ambassador of Indonesia, Butar Latuconsina hosted a tea for ladies of the diplomatic corps and her Pakistani friends.

The function was very well attended and the wife of the Secretary, Foreign Affairs, Tarranum Bashir, was the guest of honour.

She was given a warm welcome in the typical Indonesian traditional manner as dancers led her to her chair while performing the graceful ‘Tari Piring Dance,’ a gesture, which was highly appreciated by her.

In her welcome remarks the hostess expressed her gratitude to the chief guest for her presence and underlined the fact that the visit of the artists from Indonesia symbolizes very warm and cordial relations between the two countries.

“This colourful gathering of friends and the cultural show has been organised with the objective to further promote the harmony and friendship between Indonesia and Pakistan through cultural interaction, which has the tremendous capacity of bridging the gaps among the people,” she said underlining that the presence of the artists from Indonesia is one of the many ways to prove friendly relations. “I hope that through this activity these relations will be strengthened further. I am also pleased to inform you that the performances of our artists today, are the part of the Indonesian Cultural Week, which will continue until 21 April, 2011.” She concluded by saying she was grateful for their support and hoped they would continue to participate in the programs for enhancing the interaction and strengthening of the bonds of friendship between our two countries”.

The first item was a fashion show — which was divided into two parts before and after tea — and showcased Batik dresses both traditional and modern, which were modelled by students of Roots School. In between there were traditional dances and a couple of songs sung by a male vocalist who had a very good voice and captivated the audience by singing the Pakistani national song, ‘Jeeway Pakistan.’ He was joined on stage by some enthusiastic ladies who danced to the beat and all were applauded warmly.

The Indonesians are generous hosts and try and make these gatherings as enjoyable as possible. Ladies were given a choice of selecting a brooch from a tray on arrival and there were 15 numbers hidden under certain chairs which made the ladies get up and look underneath — quite an amusing sight — and each guest with the lucky number was rewarded with a Batik suit. Refreshments with Indonesian specialties were served; souvenirs were exchanged between the hostess and the chief guest and the afternoon came to an end.

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