New Year Celebration In Pakistan – Events and Festivals

Pakistan also has a tradition to celebrate the new year with a lot of spirit and joy. It brings hope, keenness and happiness in the lives of general people of Pakistan. Pakistan has large number of traditions and various celebrations to make during the year.

New Year Celebration In Pakistan - Events and Festivals

In Pakistan there are many cultural beliefs present in the modern times. People enjoy whole heartedly any event that can bring smiles and cheers to them and their families. The major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, Quetta and Peshawar celebrate new year according to their local provincial traditions. These signs indicate towards the better future and hopefulness of the people.

New Year Celebration Areas In Pakistan: According to the different regions of Pakistan, the different people living in different regions celebrate New Year’s party according to their customs and styles. The people of mountain areas do it in a different way and the people of plain areas do it in a different way. For example, Chitral is a famous mountain area of Pakistan. The people of Chitral are friendly and love cultivating grapes. They arrange Grapes and Walnut parties and express their joy for the arrival of new year.

In other densely populated areas of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, the festivals related to new year are arranged. In the local language (Urdu), they are known as “Mela Chirgan”. A large population of muslin citizens visits mosques to thank God for the blessing of a new year. Lots of prayers are done in order to bring peace and prosperity in the country. Some people also burn piles of wood. Especially in the non-urban areas where most of the people are illiterate, they consider wood burring as a cleansing act for removing any evil from the surrounding in the next year.

New Year Musical Festivals: Local and foreign music is also very popular in Pakistan. Musical instruments are played on the occasion of new year in order to celebrate the event. Most popular musical instruments are Drums, Tabla, Flute, Guitar and Sitar to name a few. Loud drum beats are considered bringer of good fortune for the country by some local residents.

New Year Activities In Pakistan: In the large cities of Punjab, Sindth and KPK as well as in the small villages, the women and children get well prepared before this happy day arrives. The night of December 31st is very attractive. Families get excited on this night and start going out for shopping and buying new clothes. In Pakistan, the children receive gifts from their parents. They also exchange New Year cards, New Year SMS Quotes 2016 with their friends and relatives. The relatives living long distance away are contacted and congratulated on this day as well.

Older women and married girls also take huge part in celebration activities. They get dressed colourfully help cooking delicious foods for their family and relatives. Truly this is an amazing time of the year in Pakistan and it brings smiles on everybody’s faces. The life becomes cheerful as it helps people in the different parts of the country to forget about the troubles of their daily lives and become one for the sake of their nation. On the other hand, Muslims believe that everyday is full of Allah’s blessings and is worth cheering for as new years’s day.

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