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Rotary Club Islamabad – Green City Walk

Rotary Club Islamabad Green City (RCIGC) organised a walk here on Friday to raise awareness about pollution in natural streams passing through the capital which has been causing diseases among the residents.

Carrying placards, the participants, including students and representatives of civil society organizations, marched from Jinnah Avenue to Fatima Jinnah Park.

Speaking on the occasion, RCIGC President Abdul Sattar Baloch said the RCIGC is helping in the efforts to eliminate sewage contamination and reduce stream bank erosion and sedimentation, enhance and establish forested riparian buffers, improve water quality and stream stability, and protect and enhance wildlife habitat.
The pollution of these natural streams passing through the capital has caused serious environmental problems. Rotary is about ‘Service Above Self’ and works towards the advancement and benefit of humanity.
RCIGC in coordination with Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken steps to revive the lost beauty through the project baptised as Islamabad Natural Stream Restoration Project (INSRP).
RCIGC Director Dr. Neelofar Khan said the core intent of INSRP is to conduct the survey of the ravines and identify the sources of pollution, devise biological plan for cleaning and restoration of these watercourses.
“The first phase of the two-year project would be completed in June and we are hopeful that it would help improve quality of water of these natural streams,” she said. There are 26 small and large natural streams located among five zones of Islamabad, yields 37 inches hill torrent/rain water annually, which gets polluted by the waste water. The polluted rainwater percolates to the underground water reserves and transfers physical, biological and chemical contaminants to it.
She said it is a three-dimensional project that helped improve and sustain the environment, help curtail and steadily eradicate underground water supply, which consecutively helped prevent diseases like hepatitis and polio from becoming endemics.

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