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  2. Muzzammil Khan

    I am one of the alumini from St. Patricks and I just want to find out the old faculty of this school. This would be truly apprecited. Thanks

  3. tamoor

    saint patricks high school/college mai maachaudwate hai,gand marte hai,hai bhi bara harami school,haramzadai hai saint.patricks high school/college kai andhar,harami saint.patricks high school/college

  4. adeembadal@yahoo.com

    i am adeem in st.ptricks school sahiwal why do not eduntion in a christan peoples st ptricks school load of frees

  5. jenny

    This is to inform you all, i mean those who are writing this all stuff for ST, PATRICK’S COLLEGE, i am also a student of this college.So, i would like to you and everyone who agrees you that there is nothing like this in our college, at least not in our batch.All what i have seen and gone through is dicipline and a lot of strictness.and those who say that there is a lots of fees, so why are you there if you cant pay it , my suggestion is that you must better choose some other low fees college, then commenting like this.It is you who do things like this and than write these bullshit.stop it please.

  6. jenny

    mr.tamoor college me parha he kabhi

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