Insight: Campaigns against Pakistan, written by Muzaffar Hussain

Campaigns against Pakistan

Written By: Muzaffar Hussain

Now a day, a sinister attempt is going on in the world media to defame Pakistan. Enemies want to isolate Pakistan. Sometimes U.S.A. blames Pakistan for having safe havens of militants. Office-bearers of U.S.A. call Pakistan as playing double game in war on terror. They blame I.S.I. as “state within state”. They want to prove Pak Army as rogue army. They want to expose Pakistan Army as bad guys who scuttled the game in Afghanistan and transform “Victory” into”Failure”. They blame Pakistan of having policy of “To play with hare and hunt with hounds”.

In order to twist the shoulder of Pakistan,  U.S.A.  is using method of showing fabricated stories. Recently, a journalist, Richard Minter, associated with “Washington Post” and “Wall Street Journal” has published a book “Leading from Behind”. He narrates that how a colonel of I.S.I. told C.I.A. about the presence of Usama in Abbotabad in 2010. He further says that a cover-up story was also coined. According to it, world was to be told that Usama was killed in Drone attack. This plan failed due to crash of Helicopter of Navi Seals during Abbotabad operation. The writer throws mud on Pakistan. A navy seal is also going to publish his autobiography in the name “No Easy Day” with his pseudo name “Mark Own”. It is expected that this book will further defame Pakistan. Pentagon has explained that it has not analyzed these two books which is in-believable. It is believed that these books are conscious attempts by U.S.A. to pressurize Pakistan.

The handing over of Syed Zabi-Ud-Din Ansari @ Abu Jundal by S.Arabia to India is worth quoting. India blames him as a brain of militants who attack Mumbai. Experts believe that this move was triggered by U.S.A. to further humiliate the Pakistan. Likewise U.S.A, India has always been showcasing Pakistan as nursery of all terrorism in world. Now India is blaming Pakistan for using social media to incite riots in Assam. Meanwhile “Indian Express & Times of India” have exposed that most of the pages blocked by Indian authorities were uploaded by Indian extremist groups.

Among all these blame games the visit of Russian President to Pakistan in the near future will be of immense importance. Moreover, it becomes imperative for Pakistan to come closer to Russia, China, Iran & Turkey to form a regional bloc. Pakistan needs to increase its diplomatic efforts for getting membership of S.C.O.  The report of Abbotabad commission needs to be published to avoid rumors.       Pakistan as a nation should avoid from provincialism, ethnicity, regionalism and disintegration. This will help us to counter foreign propaganda in a better-way. Pakistan as a nation should be more to avoid from provincialism, ethnicity, regionalism and disintegration. This will help us to counter foreign propaganda in a better-way. The international community is watching if Pakistani civilian and military elite are prepared to recognize the internal sources of trouble and move forward to control them. The international community can help Pakistan but it cannot and will not solve Pakistan’s problems.

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