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Bhoja Air – History and Management

History of Bhoja Air Pakistan

On 7 November 1993, Bhoja Air started operations. The airline started with services on domestic routes and inaugurating flights between Karachi, Lahore and Quetta, with a dry lease Boeing 737-200 aircraft.

The aircraft was registered with Pakistani registration and was the first private airline in Pakistan to operate
with a Western manufactured aircraft.

Bhoja Air Route Map

It commenced its international operations on January 24th 1998 with a flight between Karachi and Dubai. Bhoja Air now intends to restart its operations by January 2012, and re-engage itself with the dynamic Pakistani aviation industry.
Management of Bhoja Air

Mr. Farook Omar Bhoja
Mr. M. Arshad Jalil
Managing Director
Capt. Najmul Huda
Director Operations
Mr. Arif Majeed
Director Finance
Mr. Shahsawar-ud-din
Director Engineering
Mr. M. Omar Jalil
Director Management Information Systems
Air Cdre (R) Javed Ishaq
Director Corporate Affairs
AVM (R) Rafi
Director North
Mr. Mir Muhammad Akbar
Director Marketing & Services
Mr. M. Akhlaq Qureshi
GM Information Technology

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