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Consumer Courts in Punjab – How to Apply?

Consumer Courts in Punjab – How to Apply?

What is consumer court?

Consumer Court is the special purpose court, that deals with cases regarding consumer disputes and
grievances. These are judiciary set ups by the government to protect the consumer rights. Its main function is to maintain the fair practices by the sellers towards consumers Now these consumer court has been set ups in Punjab province of Pakistan

Disputes deal by consumer court?
Following disputes and grievances taken in front of consumer court :­-
1. substandard and expired products.
2. On packing of products if there is not mention the ingredients,  date of production and last date of use.
3. On business place rate list is not available.
4. No receipt or invoice, and not mentioned date, item detail, quantity, price and name & address of shopkeeper.
5. Non availability of paid policy return of product and paid amount
6. sale of product and provision of services using false and misleading advertisement.
7. Unsatisfactory services by any government and firm or institutions.
8. Not suitable warning to user regarding warranty, sample and construction.

How to Writ Petition in Consumer Court?

1- Send 15 days notice to Shopkeeper.

2- On plan paper send application in consumer court.

3- No Fee will be charge for this case by court.

For further guidance contact following offices of Assistant Director (legal):-

1. Gujrat 053­-3709033
2. Rawalpindi 051-­9242896
3. DG khan 064-­9260292
4. Multan 061-­9239130
5. Sahiwal 040­-9200190
6. Lahore 042-­99213695
7. Sialkot 052-­4291247
8. Gujranwala 055-­9201284
9. Bahawalpur 062-­9239014
10. Sargodha 048­-9230911
11. Faisalabad 041­-9239085

Published By:-

Directorate Consumer Protection Council, Department of  Industry, Trade and Investment, Government of Punjab

Telephone Number 042­-99232481-84, 042-99232486-­90

Fax Number 042­-99232491

135-J Model Town Lahore.

Punjab Consumer Court (Sarif Adalat)
Punjab Consumer Court (Sarif Adalat)

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