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Difa e pakistan Islamabad Rally/Dharna – Thousands shouts ‘go America go’

Difa e pakistan Islamabad Rally/Dharna – Thousands shouts ‘go America go’

Islamabad (Monday, February 20, 2012) – Thousands of activists from different parties including Jamaat ul Dawa, Ahl i Sunnat Wal Jamat and Jamat Islami thronged to Defence of Pakistan rally in Islamabad.

Difa e Pakistan Anti US Rally in Islamabad

Several thousand activists of different parties poured onto the streets of Islamabad Monday, chanting anti-America slogans at a rally whipped up by Defence of Pakistan Council.

Leaders at Difa e pakistan Rally in Islamabad on 20-2-2012

It was the latest show of support for Defence of Pakistan, a coalition of around 40 parties chaired by Maulana sami-ul-Haq.
“Today, we have gathered here to raise a voice of protest against US intervention in Pakistan,” chairman Maulana Sami ul-Haq said.

Also present was member Hamid Gul, who headed Pakistan s Inter-Services Intelligence agency during the 1980s war against Soviet troops in Afghanistan.
“Our protest is against the possible resumption of NATO supplies, US and Indian occupation and to strengthen the country s defence,” Haq said.
“America wants to break Pakistan into pieces,” he added in reference to a resolution sponsored by three US lawmakers calling for self-determination in Balochistan.
The alliance, which uses Twitter and Facebook to promote its message, was set up after US air strikes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan border in late November, which saw Pakistan shut its Afghan border to NATO supplies.
The coalition has already attracted large turnouts at a series of rallies across the country that some see as a build up to contesting Pakistan s next general election, which could be called within months.
“America can never be our friend, it is our biggest enemy. America will be defeated in Afghanistan and divided into pieces,” Mian Aslam, a former lawmaker from the religious Jamaat-e-Islami party told the rally.
Banners strung up in Islamabad denounced US drone strikes on Islamist militants, the government s decision to grant India most favoured nation status in a bid to ease trade, and re-opening the Afghan border to NATO convoys.
“Go America Go,” “No to NATO,” “Arrogant Americans – others are also human beings,” and “the chains of slavery will now break up,” they read.
“The friend of the US is a traitor,” “the friend of (Pakistani President Asif Ali) Zardari is a traitor” and “the friend of (Afghan President Hamid) Karzai is traitor,” shouted the crowd.

(Published in DunyaNews TV Website)

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