5 responses to “Hina Rabbani Khar Love Affair with Bilawal Bhutto”

  1. Rabnawaz Hiraj

    Hii…Its me Rabnawaz Hiraj.I ve seen your site and I really liked it.And I want to subscribe it.thanxxx.

  2. Azhar

    Ishq na puchay zataaan

  3. Zahid Habib

    lolz, Bangladesh looks like is a super power, what ever they will say we will obay. I think we (Pakistanis) are getting captured from every where. weather is personal or professional we are losing all parts. first of all I personally dont believe in this, it doesnt make any sense to me, a person like bilawal can buy 100 of beautiful girls for him self, he shouldnt have any issue in that, secondly even its true, its allowed shariatan as well so there is no harm in this. they want to be together – good for them period

  4. Iqbal

    I am not the spokeman of
    PPP nor a worker. But it is
    not true. You can see the
    reality of picture.

  5. nazmul alam raza

    latest news

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