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How Online Society Maps Help You Make Better Investment Decisions

Whenever someone is planning to buy a home, the first thing they consider is a good, detailed idea of the location where they plan to buy. This idea then helps them narrow down the exact location where their future home will be located.

Benefits of online society maps while investing in real estate business in Pakistan.
Benefits of online society maps while investing in real estate business in Pakistan.

Google Maps are a good place for preliminary research, but it is a fairly limited tool because there is a lot of crucial real estate related information that is not available, such as what apparently empty land is allocated for and where one plot ends and the other begins. This information is only available on detailed maps of societies.

In a world that has rapidly shrunk over the last few decades, many Pakistanis have settled overseas and remain in contact with folks back home through the internet. Such individuals regularly make investments in Pakistani real estate and often have large portfolios to their name. Doing this while sitting thousands of miles away, however, requires some help.

Online maps of societies in Pakistan provide great assistance to these expatriates in their property searches. With these maps available online, overseas Pakistani need not wait for a trip to Pakistan to get an idea of where exactly they want to buy. This is a huge time and energy saver, because we all know how hectic property searching can become in Pakistan, especially in the scorching summer.

Maps of societies are available on websites such as Zameen.com, Pakistan’s leading property portal, which offers maps for over300 housing societies across Pakistan.These maps are incredibly easy to view and contain a lot of very useful information such as accurate plot cuttings, color-coded legends indicating sizes, as well as detailed master plans. This service is available to all local and foreign users free of charge.

This tool helps to broaden the investment scope of users and allows them to gain greater insight into the purchase they are about to make. Since these maps are updated regularly, they also provide a helpfully up-to-date view of things.

Think about it. You’re sitting in a room somewhere in the UK, and you can get a detailed view of a housing society in Lahore or Islamabad from the comfort of your lounge. This also applies to people in Pakistan, who can save a lot of time and hassle – not to mention fuel – by using these virtual maps.

Maps, therefore, are perhaps as fundamental to a development project as language is to society. They are outstanding means of conveying information about a site and spatial features of an area. So the next time you’re in the market for a plot or a home, give online society maps a try and see how an onerous task quickly becomes easy and fun.

About The Author: Azka Naeem is a student and writer, with a B. A in Media Studies from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. A native of Lahore, Pakistan, Azka’s many interests include real estate, IT and the use of social media for business development. She is also an avid foodie.

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