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Imran Khan Speech – PTI Hyderabad Jalsa

Addressing a public rally that was attended by thousands of people at SRTC Ground in Qasimabad,Hyderabad on Friday night, the PTI leader Imran Khan said he had no doubt that President Asif Ali Zardari was determined to destroy the country, especially after the president had demonstrated his willingness to single out corrupt people for the top slot.

Imran Khan firmly maintained that the current system would be abolished and that the PTI would introduce a new system that would open the doors to betterment and change. He further said that all those sitting in the country’s assemblies were bent on dividing the population along the lines of Sindhi, Mohajir, Baloch, Pushto, instead of getting down to the brass tasks of welfare and providing relief to the poorest of the poor who were in a continuous state of suffering. He said nobody would be allowed to divide Sindh, and he would steadfastly stand with the Sindhi people. He also lamented that the poor people of Karachi were being trodden upon on a daily basis, while influential politicians merely sat together to talk without taking any concrete steps.

The PTI chief urged the people of Sindh to join his Tsunami March to Islamabad which will begin from Faisalabad on June 27. He promised emancipation of the people from the feudal system. He also gave his word to stand in the way of Sindh’s division.

PTI’s entire top leadership spoke at the event.

Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said the mood of the participants attending the event shows they are fed up with the 65 years of misrule and insincere rhetoric of development and prosperity.

Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his speech recalled the centuries-old friendly relations between Sindh and Multan saying the two people shared common culture, traditions and history.

The PTI’s Sindh chief Nadir Akmal Laghari said the people in Sindh are ready for change, “they vote for the PPP as they have no alternative leaders to support.”

Azam Khan Sawati welcomed the people of his community in Pashto and Hazara languages.

Imran Khan Full Speech In Hyderabad Jalsa

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