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Insight: Is NAM Summit a triumph of Iran? Written By Muzaffar Hussain

Is NAM Summit a triumph of Iran?

Written By: Muzaffar Hussain

     The 16th NAM summit took place in Tehran, Iran from 26 to 31 August 2012. At the summit, Iran took over from Egypt the Chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement for the period 2012 to 2015.     The 16th NAM conference concluded in Tehran in 31st August. It was attended by 30 heads of state/government, senior officials of 96 countries and representatives of 16 countries. Conference was succeeded by two days ministerial session. The towering participants included the Secretary General of UN Ban Ki-moon, presidents of Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cuba and Prime Ministers of Syria and India. The important point regarding participants is that UN Secretary General attended it despite strong and public opposition by USA and Israel. Though India has voted twice against Iran in 2005 and 2009 on the issue of Nuclear Energy on the will of America yet strategical alliance of U.S.A. & Israel with India could not bar Indian prime minister to attend the summit with a delegation of 250 people.
NAM is the biggest organization after UN The Non-aligned movement (NAM) is a group of states considering themselves not aligned formally with or against any major power block. Now 2012, the NAM has 120 members and 17 observer countries. The organization was founded in Belgrade in 1961, and was largely the brainchild of Yugoslavia’s president, Josip Broz Tito; Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno; Egypt’s second president, Gamal Abdel Nasser; Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah; and India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. All five leaders were prominent advocates of a middle course for states in the developing world between the western and eastern blocs in the cold war. The phrase itself was first used to represent the doctrine by Indian diplomat and statesman V.K. Krishna Menon in 1953, at the United Nations
This session of NAM is being called a triumph of Iran because U.S.A. and Europe have been trying to isolate Iran diplomatically from entire world. Iran has come in spotlight.  It has been elected as head of NAM for three years on rotation basis. Moreover, presence of China and Russia in conference sends a strong message to USA regarding the political clout of Iran internationally.
The main outcomes of conference are very important i.e. Ban Ki Moon praised Arab Spring, conference demanded for multi-polar world with the popular say for the developing countries, unilateral sanctions on behalf of USA /Europe on Iran came under spotlight cum criticism, USA was demanded to accept legitimate standing of Iran regarding peaceful atomic programme  of Iran,  solution of Palestinian issue was emphasized, Ban Ki Moon pressed for diplomatic and negotiated solution to the prolonged problems as Syria and Iranian Nuke, Violation of Human Rights for political purposes was condemned, nuclear disarmament was demanded, “Islam phobia ” was condemned, racism was opposed. Syria’s premier blamed that his country has been subjected to the “organized terrorism” backed by USA, Israel, Qatar, Saudia Arabia and Turkey. U.S.A. could not dissuade President of Egypt against the summit. President of Egypt called Syrian government as “oppressive regime” and called the world community to stand behind the rebels. These comments of Morsi stormed Syrian Prime Minister and he walked out of conference. After revolution of 1979, this was the biggest world community gathering in Iran.  Ali Khanenei slammed Israeli state as “bloodthirsty Zionist wolves” controlling world media.

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