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Insight: Politics in Pakistan, Written By Muzaffar Hussain


Written By: Muzaffar Hussain

            The mud throwing and stone-pelting in Pakistani politics has never been a taboo. But the in-corporation of personal, family issues and welfare projects is a new phenomena. All big parties are not inclined to present their mottos and manifestations to voters. They want to induce the voter by the character assassinations of opponents.

Corruption stories of PPP and PML/N have always been the hallmarks of election campaigns but new phenomena of P.T.I had added fire to existing contradictions. Now Imran Khan is heading forward with revolutionary eagerness. No doubt Imran Khan has a thundering past with scandals and victories. He is devotee to Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh. He idealizes Allama Muhammad Iqbal and often meets his son Justice Javed Iqbal. He likes economic and governance reformes by Mahatir Mohammad of Malaysia and met him time and again. This “playboy” of past came with higher ranks in political scenario of Pakistan after his magnifying Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on 30 October 2011. The main problem with him is that he has collected old coins from “Kings Parties”. These migratory birds have no clean chit from corruption. There characters/history speak high of many “Alif Laylas” of scams. He needs to clear himself from the accusation that he is an ace of Zardari to break the anti-PPP vote into fragments. He needs to avoid solo flight as well.

PML-N has shadows of past in its history. Twice it secured premiership of Pakistan. Opponents blame it as friendly opposition. They blame it for attack on Supreme Court. They are alleged for involvement in the release of Raymond Davis because at that time this party was in Provincial Government. It is being blamed for having sympathies for orthodoxy. It is also accused of being Sharif Family hierarchy. Some negate its national role due to its non-representation in Sindh assembly. Anyway, this party played the role according to public opinion twice i.e. nuclear tests and long-march for the restoration of judiciary.

The major party of Pakistan PPP is at cross roads. Its popularity is at the lower ebb. There is a long list of scams in its credit i.e. Historical Power Crises, memo-gate scandal, steel mill scam, Pak railways crippling, damage of PIA, darkness of Abbottabad operation, non permanent war on terror policy, failure to onslaughts of TTP in big cities and much more. Trojan horse of high prices, prices of petroleum products per liter making to century, clash with army, clash with judiciary and failure in detecting murderers of Benazir Bhutto. The top brass of PPP depends only on the rhetoric that they are under the victimization of judiciary and establishment for getting sympathy vote. They often opt for provincialism by using Sindh card.

It is ridiculous that recent government boasts of its achievement that it is going to complete the tenure. Public has no concern with the completion of 05 years by Government as public welfare has never been on agenda. The use of market “Bazari” language by the leadership of all parties has become order of the day. Can slogans of “Jai Bhutto” give electricity to public?

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