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IRI Latest Survey Report Pakistan 2013

IRI Latest Survey Report Pakistan 2013 (Poll conducted in November, 2012)

Karachi (Breaking News /Sunday, January 27, 2013) – According to the latest IRI survey, with research conducted from November 2, 2012 to November 21, 2012.  Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) PMLN has become the most popular party in the country with its popularity at 32%. Other political parties popularity is given bellow (as on November, 2012)

PML(N) = 32%
PTI = 18%
PPP = 14%
MQM = 4%
PML(Q) = 2%
JUI(F) = 2%
Don’t Know = 17%

International Republican Institute (IRI) survey further says about province wise detail as:

Punjab Province Popularity Graph
PML-N = 49%
PTI = 19%
PPP = 8%

Sindh Province Popularity Graph
PML-N = 8%
PTI = 9%
PPP = 32%

MQM = 16%

Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province Popularity Graph
PML-N = 12%
PTI = 32%

PP = 5%

JUI(F) = 6

ANP = 3%

Balochistan Province Popularity Graph
PML-N = 13%
PPP = 18%

PTI = 8%

IRI Latest Survey/Poll Report Pakistan 2012-2013
IRI Latest Survey/Poll Report Pakistan 2012-2013

Detailed Methodology: Survey of Pakistan Public Opinion, November 2-21, 2012

January 22, 2013
The results of this poll will not be released by IRI.  However, the Institute is making available the methodology and the demographics to demonstrate that the poll complies with professional standards in the industry.

  • Poll work was conducted by the Institute for Public Opinion Research based in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Oversight and analysis was provided by Robert Varsalone of Maven Public Affairs.
  • The population under study is representative of the adult population of Pakistan (see demographics below).
  • A multi-stage probability sample was used.   In the first stage, the sample was stratified into four provinces.  In the second stage, the sample was further stratified into districts within each province by rural and urban categories.  In the third stage, each district was further stratified by union councils.
  • The probability-proportional-to-size method was used to select the local cluster location.  The left hand method was used to select a starting point and then a skip pattern to randomly select every third household.  The Kish Grid was used to select respondents 18 years and older within each household.
  • The sample was distributed at the provincial level, rural and urban, in all four provinces of Pakistan (except for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Chitral).  The sample was then post-weighted to make it proportionate to national representation by province.
  • Face-to-face interviews were conducted.  The interview teams were comprised of both of males and females; the female respondents were interviewed by female interviewers and male respondents by male interviewers.
  • Sample size: 4,997
  • Eligibility: age 18 and order
  • Margin of Error: ±1.4 percent
  • Response Rate: slightly more than 75 percent
  • The field work was conducted from November 2-21, 2012


Demographic Breakdown


Sample Size N=4,997 %
Settlement Type Urban 36
Rural 64
Gender Male 56
Female 44
Age 18-25 31
2640 44
41-50 14
51 + 10
MonthlyHouseholdIncome Upto Rs 10.000 35
Rs 10.001 -15,000 36
Rs 15,001 -25,000 24
More than Rs 25.000 3
Language Urdu 13
Punjabi 41
Pasto 13
Sindhi 11
Seraiki 14
Hindko 2
Balochi 2
Other 4
Education Illiterate 31
Primary 15
Middle 14
Matric 19
Intermediate 11
Graduate 7
Master’s/Professional 3


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  1. You can’t say that 6000 people , pura Pakistan he , I don’t agree , pti is most popular party

  2. You can’t say that 4997 people , 9,00,00,000 ( cror ) voters. in pakistan , I don’t agree , pti is most popular party.

  3. When PTI was leading in previous surveys of IRI then it was good… Accept the reality.

  4. This survey actually part of election campaign of N-League ,,, Because India & other powers want to bring to Nawaz Sharif in power..

  5. Nothing special abhi aur buhat kuch kre gi PMLN. Paisa bolta hai

  6. Yes…we don’t agree..PTI is the best… only stupid people can consider any other party is number 1.

  7. No doubt survey was held methodology is there on web but i could not find result or iri web it is fake i guess

  8. khuda ka wasta in jageerdaroo ka pecha chor do kuch nai mily ga chahy nawaz ho ya koi aur.mere mashwara hai k ek chance pti ko zaroor dai is admi ny apni sari zindagi falahi kamo mai lagai hai.

  9. mera vote pti ko from sindh

  10. I never see an honest leader and politician as Imran Khan.Therefore PTI is 1st choice.

  11. 100 poeplen cant desied pakistani politic

  12. new wife sb ko achi lagti hai jb wuhi wife purani hojay to phir pata lagta hai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. Agree on recent survey.

  14. In Pakistan, election Surveys does not, infact can not show the real picture of different parties and its position on the ground. Its so strange that the popularity of the ANP in Balochistan has been shown as 13% while in Pakhtunkhwa it is just 11% !! Its totally rubbish and non-sense. The ANP has much more support in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which will be proved on the day of election to everyone.

  15. I cannot understand why people don’t realize that PTI is not God. I am a big fan of imran khan,i want PTI to win as well. But the truth is PTI cannot win this election or in other words cannot make their own government. They will need other parties help to make the government. People have a lot of expectations from Imran khan which is not right. The current government has done so much damage to Pakistan which will take a lot of time to recover. And this IRI sample is not even the 5% of the total Pakistan’s population. So how can you can predict which party is more popular.

  16. PTI is the most popolar party, this report is not authentic

  17. Vote for PMLN only……..

  18. I feel that the election result will follow the IRI’s prediction. PML(N) will be No. 1 with approx. 100 seats. PPP will be No. 2 with 55 seats ns PTI will be N0. 3 with 40 seats. PML(Q) and MQM will get 20 seats each.These are out of about 270 seats.
    The above analysis is based on IRI survey and election result for 2008.

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