5 responses to “IRI Pakistan Survey Report 2012 – PML-N Tops, PTI and PPP Behinds”

  1. Faheem

    These are technically flawed surveys with special design to promote the image/popularity of certain parties and to understate that of others. Frankly speaking (I m not a PPP worker) but I know the vote bank they have in Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and even in Punjab. PPP has won majority of by-polls even in Punjab. I wonder who undertake these surveys for these so called survey institutes? How do they take sampling? How do they ensure credibility and reliability? They are seriously misleading, and could even lead to chaos and bloodshed if actual results do not produce the picture they paint.. It is also the responsibility of the media to check the credibility of such surveys before making such reports on air.

  2. Atif
  3. Jonaid Naqvi

    Imran Khan will take lead Please wait

  4. shoaib ishfaq

    In sha allah pml n lead

  5. Saima Durrani

    In Pakistan, election Surveys does not, infact can not show the real picture of different parties and its position on the ground. Its so strange that the popularity of the ANP in Balochistan has been shown as 13% while in Pakhtunkhwa it is just 11% !! Its totally rubbish and non-sense. The ANP has much more support in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which will be proved on the day of election to everyone.

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