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LUMS Lahore 23rd Annual Convocation 2011

LAHORE (June 18, 211) : Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) held its 23rd annual convocation on Saturday at the Syed Maratib Ali Sports Complex on the LUMS campus. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Shahid Kardar was the chief guest at the event.

The University community celebrated the graduation of 567 students and honoured its outstanding students with awards and medals for their excellent academic performances. At the ceremony, degrees were conferred to the graduates and the National Management Foundation medals were awarded to the graduates, who had secured top positions in various

Speaking at the occasion, Kardar said that in his earlier days, as a consultant, while interacting with young researchers, he discovered that there were just two kinds of graduates – those who were currently studying in LUMS and those who aspired to take admission in LUMS.
“Running the Punjab Education Foundation, which has been providing free education to 547,000 children in just two and a half years, has been the most fulfilling experience” he said.
Kardar further said while sharing his own experience, “Based on my life experience, I can tell you, with all honesty, that someone who can stand on his or her feet, has been exposed to the kind of education and knowledge that you have been, and carries the confidence that comes from strong convictions, is a sure bet for a picture perfect, run-of-the-mill, candidate for any job”.
At the end of the speech, he admitted that his generation could have done a better job in developing and managing the country, so that the younger generation could have been given a stronger, socially cohesive and just society and a more robust economy on which to build an impressive edifice.
The SBP governor said, “But I am fully confident that since your generation is more competent, dynamic and demanding of good governance and better quality leadership, this country will be in safer and more capable hands”.

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