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Moral Victory of Dr. Qadri – Written by Javaid Akram

Moral Victory of Dr. Qadri

               Tahir ul Qadri The world at large is prone to the cosmic incidents and human affairs. The face of the Earth underwent the crater making landing of two meteorites.  One fell from the asteroid belt came from the sky, and other landed from Canada in the form of Dr. Qadri. One fell in Russian, and other fell in Pakistan.  Both left deep craters. One on the crust of the Earth, and human meteorite gave a depression in the political crust.  Stone meteorite and flesh and bones meteorite have opened a field of studies. Both are being scanned that where from they came originally. Both are difficult to be understood especially Dr. Qadri.

The entry of Dr. Qadri opened an inventory of law.  This is the main biggest and flamboyant discipline to know with the factors behind.  Why should we know it?  Because we are naturalized members of the state and we desire to affirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person with a view to establishing conditions under which justice and respect could be promoted for the social progress and better standard of life in larger freedom.  At the back of any phenomenal circumstances there is a systematic mechanism of moves.  However, our focus is on the persona of Dr. Qadri.

Let me remind you from the history that the marriage of King James I who married a Catholic resulted in a civil war, the end of the Stuart dynasty in England, and the Glorious Revolution.  Sir Edward Coke, a jurist opposed him with his full power of arguments, and King James I sent Coke to the Tower of London, where the imprisonment lasted for nine months, though Coke was released in August of 1622.  From 1606 onward, Coke stood as the champion of national liberties opposing any illegal encroachment of both church and crown.  I view something like that in Dr. Qadri.  He talks like a jurist.  He analyses his object as if he were to be conducting a heart surgery. The reservations of Dr. Qadri on the functional structure of Election Commission are very perfect.  He explained that the four representatives under the Head of Election Commission are not working independently; they naturally get the dictations harboring sympathies of their political parties.  These four representatives should work under the Chairmanship of Election Commission in a perfect ejection fraction manner like four valves of one heart. Dr. Qadri explained that all the results change here.  He is perfectly right.  This heart is pathologically ill.  It has developed a hole-like disease which is a congenital defect; that the results/mandate of the nation, at the time of the final announcement, passes from one side to other side. So, many times the democracy underwent severe attacks of myocardial infarction. Has Election Commission ever been credible since its birth?  Is Election Commission believable?

We can accept the point of Dr. Qadri that yes the performance of Election Commission has never been Simon-pure. And the results tabulated by the machinery of Election Commission are always suspected.   Dr. Qadri proved at D-Chowk.  So, one victory we got through Dr. Qadri that the Election Commission is not credible.

This point was taken to the Supreme Court of Pakistan by Dr. Qadri.  Three days were consumed on it.  But, only the matter of dual nationality of Dr. Qadri was discussed instead of getting arguments on Election Commission.  Success or triumph never means to be in the form of pass/fail result.  When the decision does not come in prima facie mode neglecting the core issue without touching the borders of it, the victory is distinguishably evident on the stand of the complainant. This is one more victory on account of Dr. Qadri.

Dr. Qadri was lead wrong to enter the irrelevant legal jurisdiction.  His writ petition should have been there and then rejected and returned with the advice that the case of him deserves to be taken by the jurisdiction of High Court.  He was played over there ridiculously.  Irrespective of the fact, what he did outside on D-Chowk, he should have been shown the exit door of the Apex Court.  It sounds that Dr. Qadri was condemned unheard.  He should have been heard from his first word to the last word.  It was vitally important for the sake of the justice. This lacuna would be mourned till death.

The books of logic and law have taught me one thing that the higher you go, the more personal space you get in your chamber.  And inversely it becomes imperatively mandatory upon you to be wiser than wisest.  Legal muscularity with the intellectual mental power requires in these kinds of legal quagmires.  Why a common Dr. Qadri was left to speak on the legal vacuums? May be it is a harbinger of new weather in judicial climate.

I conclude that all the wrong things done with him are actually his success.

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