Narcotics, A Threat to Youth : Insight from Muzaffar Hussain


Written By: Muzaffar Hussain

As a blowback and backlash of anti-Russian Afghan war, Pakistani society is facing peril of narcotics. “Shesha Cafes” are playing havoc with the future of youth. It is very detesting that on eid it has become a fashion to drink. On the eve of every eid may people die after drinking poisonous wine.


One can see the parks, playgrounds and bus stands buzzing with drug addicted youth. The evil of narcotics has destroyed the very fabric of many families and caused moral, social and economic problems. Pakistan has been facing serious threats with regard to drug issue though it has taken various steps about it. Pakistan established (PNB)“Pakistan Narcotics Board” in 1957, Pakistan Narcotics Control Board(PNCB) in 1965 and Anti Narcotics Task Force(ANTF) in 1991. Anti Narcotics Task Force and Pakistan Narcotics Control Board were merged in 1995. Now all responsibilities rest in Anti Narcotics Force(ANF). ANF has shown commitment and resolve to eliminate the menace of drug. It is a bitter fact that a significant portion of Afghan opiate is transited through Pakistan making it a transit as well as victim country. ANF is looking after about 2500 km porous borders of Pakistan with Afghanistan. It has limited resources and manpower whereas drug smugglers are very subtle, crafty, well-organized and well-equipped.


According to the report of United Nations Office On drugs (UNOD) Pakistan is a poppy free country and it is committed regionally and globally to hunt down drug-trafficking to and from the international market. But the situation within society is worsening. Ephedrine scam in Pakistan is an ample example that how menace of drug is penetrating in our society. According to UN report, 149 to 272 mt (million tons) narcotics are being transited from Afghanistan to Pakistan and than to Iran, central Asia, south Eastern Europe and Central Europe. 90% of Afghan heroine passes from central Asia to Russia and CIS. In 2009, 160mt heroine was sent from Afghan to Pakistan and only 138mt was further transited leaving 22mt for local use.


It is need of the time that coming generations of Pakistan be saved from drug addiction. Pakistan must not be transit or victim of drugs. For this civil society needs to be mobilized. Seminars, walks, rallies and debates need to be arranged in a dynamic way. National media and soft media need to be utilized to create awareness among the people. First step to drug-addiction is smoking which needs to be discouraged. “Bhatta mafia”, T.T.P, Feudalism, land-grabbers and illiteracy are the main causes of drug traffic in Pakistan. Late marriage, unemployment, pessimism and escapism are all causes of uses of drugs. Flavors of various drugs are being injected to youth by “SHESHA CAFES”. In order to check the spread of drugs, “Katchi Abadis” and slumps need to be regularized in cities by arranging sister cities. There is a need of more cooperation and coordination among Pak-Rangers, Police, Constabulary, FC, Pakistan Coastal Guards, Airport Security Forces, Maritime Security Agency and excise departments. It is very miserable that UNONC has decided to send a panel of experts in Pakistan for analysis of ephedrine scam. This scam has involvement of high dignities.

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