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Nawaz Sharif Huge Jalsa in Garhi Khero Jacobabad Sindh

Time is out of joint for government: Nawaz Sharif address in Sindh

Jacobabad (May 8, 2012) – Nawaz Sharif said that the children of the poor are deprive of diet, dress and dwelling in Sindh. While addressing a huge public gathering in Jacobabad.

Nawaz Sharif address in Gari Khero
Nawaz Sharif in Garhi Khero Sindh


Nawaz Sharif speech at huge rally in Gari Khero on May 8, 2012


Nawaz Sharif Address huge Jalsa in Garhi Khero Jacobabad

Nawaz Sharif said that circumstances of the country have become so pitiable that nobody is ready to take pain for reformation.
He said that the government led by the PPP had not given the nation but corruption, power, lawlessness, unemployment.
While throwing light on the NRO, he said president betrayed the nation particularly the PML-N which was well wisher of the people.
He said that the people of Sindh are not tenants of any body. If somebody compels you to become tenants of Nawaz Sharif, you should disobey him.”
He said that he was very pleased to come to know how the people of Sindh kept their traditions alive.
He made it clear that he is not only the spokesman of Punjab but Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also equally dear to him.
He said that he has nothing to do with the power and government, rather his mission is only to bring progress and prosperity in the country.
On the one hand, there are piles of problems in the country while on the other hand, the rulers are intoxicated with their rule, he said.
He said, I have made the government understand so many times to be conscious about the pitiable situation of the country but it remained stubborn on its stance. Now the time is out joint. The rulers have no option, he said.
Nawaz said that rulers have looted the wealth of the nation and deposited it in foreign banks.
The Supreme Court has ordered in its verdict that the government should write a letter to Swiss authorities but the Prime Minister is hesitant to follow the court order.
He said that President Zardari is actually responsible for all the mismanagement and mal-treatment with the nation.

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