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Nawaz Sharif in Sindh – Address in Hyderabad, Matli, Damalo,Tandu Muhammad Khan

Nawaz wants political parties with militant wings banned
KARACHI (Tuesday, September 20, 2011) : Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Mian Nawaz Sharif Tuesday said political parties with militant wings should be prohibited from contesting elections through a suo moto notice by the Supreme Court or by amending the Constitution.

Nawaz Sharif Address in Damalo Sindh on Sept 20 2011

Talking to a group of industrialists and traders of Karachi here on Tuesday, Nawaz said, “Karachi needs special attention; it is a city of 20 million people belonging to all corners of the country, including Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Having different mindsets, cultures, traditions and dialects in one place usually leads to differences and rifts but these can be handled through wisdom, sincerity and good administration,” Nawaz said.

The PML-N president said making the country’s economy self-sufficient had always been on the PML-N’s agenda, adding that Karachi had always been a PML-N focal point given its status as an industrial hub and the backbone of the country’s economy.
To a question regarding the operation against criminals and target killers in different areas of Karachi, Nawaz said that Rangers should be given police powers to tackle the situation.
“The masses had attached great hopes with the democratic government after the 2008 general elections but their hopes have been shattered in the last three years because the government has failed to fulfill any of its promises,” Nawaz said.
He said he would take into consideration the proposals of the Karachi business community and announced that he had formed a competent team of economists to examine Karachi.
He reminded that his government had restored peace in Karachi. “My government took strict action against the extortionist mafia in Karachi,” he added.
The PML-N president said it seemed that the restoration of peace was not on the agenda of the current government. He also said politics should not be done on the floods and that asking for foreign aid was against the dignity of Pakistan.
Meanwhile, talking to party workers in Lahore, Nawaz made a fervent appeal to the people to extend maximum cooperation to the Punjab government in its fight against dengue. “Government efforts supported by citizens and the media can help eliminate the deadly viral disease, “ he said. He observed the Lahore was in the grips of a natural calamity and an all-out effort was being made by the Punjab government to curb the dengue outbreak. He expressed optimism that the government would succeed in controlling the virus.
Nawaz urged the owners of private hospitals and diagnostics centres to provide free tests to dengue patients and said the government was extending all medical facilities to them.
Nawaz said he had already asked the Punjab government to import medicines immediately, if needed. “The public and students of medical colleges can play an important role in the campaign against the virus since youths are infused with the spirit of service to ailing people,” he said.
(Published in “TheNews” on 21-9-2011)

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