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Number of PhDs in Pakistan

Number of PhDs in Pakistan reaches 8,142

Islamabad (Sunday, November 25, 2012) – Pakistani universities are now able to produce more PhDs in the next 3 years as compared to last 10 years. The total number of PhDs in Pakistan has reached the figure of 8,142.

Ph.D graduates in Pakistan

According to the available statistics, the number of PhDs has increased from 348 (1947 to 2002) to 679 in 2012 in agriculture and veterinary sciences, from 586 to 1,096 in biological sciences, from 14 to 123 in business education, from merely 21 to 262 in engineering and technology and from 709 to 1,071 in physical sciences, Technology Times Reported.
In social sciences, the number increased to 887 from 108 during last ten years.
The figures also indicate that during the last decade, special emphasis has been paid to the disciplines of agriculture and veterinary science, biological, physical and social sciences, business education, engineering and technology.
“HEC has so far introduced various indigenous scholarship schemes to create a critical mass of highly qualified human resources in all fields of studies who conduct research on issues of importance to Pakistan,” HEC Executive Director Prof. Dr. Sohail H. Naqvi told the media saying that the production of these PhDs is the harbinger of a great future.
It is to be mentioned that since 1947, a total of 3,281 PhDs were awarded.
However, since the establishment of the HEC in 2002, over 4,850 PhDs have been awarded to-date.

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