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Prime Minister Energy Saver Programme – 30 Millions Free Bulb

Prime Minister Energy Saver Programme

Anti-Load Shedding Drive – Save 1000 MW Electricity

Islamabad (Wednesday, December 11, 2013) – Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is launching another campaign for reduction of electric power load-shedding.

Almost 3 crore energy saver bulb will be distributed through out the country.  Average two energy saver will given free of cost.

According to power experts one ordinary bulb consume 4 times electricity than energy saver.

One tingston bulb power = 100 watts

one energy saver bulb power = 23 watts

4 energy saver bulb consume power = 4 x 23 = 92 watts

It is expected that an house will be save bill of Rs. 1600 annually by replacing two energy savers with ordinary bulbs.


Prime Minister Energy Saver Programme


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  1. No need to distribute free of cost, why government take extra burden, if government really interested with energy crises you must reduced the energy savor bulb maximum R.30/- per bulb and more import LED bulb which is more efficient as compered to these energy savor bulb and the other other normal bulb will completely banned. Half of the energy crises will finished for this normal process. Because the normal blub available in market for Rs.15 or 20 and the energy savor cost Rs.200 even a villager who don’t no about voltage consumption they only prefer which one is cheaper so they always prefer ordinary bulb.

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