One response to “PS-53 Election Result Withheld – PPP Waheeda Shah Slap Woman”

  1. Kamran

    UGLY FACED Waheeda Shah is the representative of true face of our so called fuedal Lords, they just come to parliaments in order to looting the country, they have no interest with the problems of Pakistan or its people. These are the people who have created problems for Kala Bagh dam, they are responsible for the current situations in Balochistan or KPK or Sindh. Waheeda shah and her LORDS do politics on the dead bodies of Pakistanis. These Dirty politicians are responsible for the killings of innocent Pakistanis including Aafia Siddique. They barter trade with enemies of Pakistan to earn COMMISION. Their leader Asif Ali Zardari is the world’s Biggest curropt person, Mr. 200%. ALAS, he is the president of PAkistan, the country whose founder is such a Noble personalty i.e. Quid-e- Azam.

    OUR POLITICIANS ARE BASTERED…..they ruin our Pakistan

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