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  1. Savera Nadeem

    The Real Reason Behind Sana Bucha Resignation was that she refused to do a show on Asghar Khan case decision which was announced on 19th October 2012 and her shown lekin happens on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Her Show was on Friday 23 October 2012 but she refused to do that show. Sources in geo news have confirmed that her resignation was because she refused to do the show on asghar khan case.

    But sana bucha announced her resignation from geo news on 2nd November 2012 which happened after 13 days of Asghar Khan case decision which was announced on 19th October 2012.

  2. Sairaj Durrani

    Its really unethical and unappropriated,We can understand that switching is every one rights and every one can earn some extra money but it is very negative approach to throw your dirty deeds to other people,Sana you should have some courage instead of playing this dirty politics,you should come forward and clear this fuss so people can clearly understand your thoughts,I am not big fan of Aamir Liaquat hussain but i think he did good job in Ramzan Programs and Malala Incident,He brought bright Face of Pakistani people in front of World,then what is wrong with this?why you are creating hype for this?or do you have some personal grudge with him,you should come forward and clear all this illusion.

  3. Fara Ali

    She got a good offer from Dunya TV and could not resist the temptation of getting a pocket full money package. Earlier on, Abdul Malik, Younus Butt, Hassan Nisar, Nazir Naji have left GEO and joined DUNYA TV. Don’t tell me that they all had objection to Amir Liaquat’s appearance on GEO.I don’t Know what is big deal about this, I think there are some portals are systematically launch campaign against Aamir Liaquat and Spreading Conspiracy Theory to Relax their personal grudge.

    We all know in this media industry every one switch some for better opportunity, some for better money and some for better position.

    It’s just professionalism.

  4. Delawer Abbas

    As for As my knowledge concern that Sana Bucha war trying to move different Chanel since last year .know she got offer a handsome package form Dunya TV.
    and she also decreasing her popularity at Geo TV because of undermanned program “Le-kin”. She had no way rather to join Dunya TV. On the other hand she has many problems with other Geo employers Like Abdul Malik, Younus Butt, Dr.Aamir Liaquat Hussain.My Personally opinion is she should have worked with them without hart-flings.because it is right It’s just professionalism.

  5. mudasar saeed

    private ko bi laptobe mily ga k ni jin ke 70%marks ha

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