7 responses to “Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Distribution in Gujrat on March 15 2012”


    i need laptop.. i read in punjab university. plz give me. i need it badly

  2. samia rani

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. samia rani

    i m realllllllllllllyyyyyyyy reaaaallly realy very happy!!!!!!!!!!!! i m realy thank ful to cm of pakistan.i m very proud. i m so hapy that i cant say in my words.i have no words. again thanks…….may u live long

  4. usama mansoor

    when free laptops are given to the students of gcuf

  5. Hafiz Atif Rafique Ghuman

    waao great work from the side of CM of Punjab.But i want that the students of the foreign countries who studied in public institutions in punjab must be included in this scheem who meet the criteria. please think about it…. I am very thankful, may u live long SHAHBAZ SHAREEF. I am a student of University of Gujrat.

  6. Imran Ghuman

    Fantastic job done by the CM (SHAHBAZ SHARIF) of Punjab.But excluded the foreign studnts from this scheme is realy a bad idea i am sad when i read this news in the paper, this is unethical and unfair behaviour. i think they must be included in this intrigue. please think about it. If u ignore them u must leave a bad impression for u r self and for the whole countery. From this act u prove that u do this just to increase u r vote bank not for the benefit of the students. if u make this destribution fair and ethical u must include the foreign students.

  7. Ijaz siddique


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