2 responses to “Tahir-ul-Qadri Long March (January 13-14, 2013 Lahore to Islamabad)”

  1. Omar Afridi

    I have been critically following the Pakistani Political scene for quite some time. As a matter of fact, After Quiad – e Azam this nation has not seen a true and sincere leader. People claim to be leaders but in reality they even dun know the definition of a leader. 95% Politicians are infact Wolves in Sheeps clothing who daily at Prime Time come on various TV Channels and befool the poor and inocent people of this country. Wat Dr. Qadri is saying is not wrong (endorsed by all pol parties). Then why the Govt has reservations on his march and coming to Islamabad ? Thats also his democratic right. As regards his past, so what i think his past is much much cleaner than the past/ present of majority of politicians of this country. Coming to the performance of the existing Govt, in the past 5 yrs they have gifted this country with Terrorism , Insecurity, Lawlessness, Rapid Inflation, Joblessness, Power Crisis, Closure of Industry, Lack of Basic Education, Lack of Basic Health Facilities, Shortage of Wheat n Sugar (off n on), impure drinking water etc. The list is unending.Now this nation desperately requires a true and sincere leadership who can steer the nation in a right direction (does not include leaders of two main pol parties of the country, as they have had their chances). If Dr.Qadri is true in his intent then best of Luck to him. Be Allah with all of them. . .

  2. mirza prince

    I Love to minhaj-ul-quran

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