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Tallest Ranger of Pakistan – Abdul Waheed

Tallest ranger in the history of Pakistan is now officially appointed at Wahga border in Lahore. Obviously when the 24 years old young man came to go through the recruitment procedure, ranger selection panel had no choice but to hire his services. This man is 7 feet and 4 inches tall. His chest measures at 42 inches while his feet are also of 18 inches. Of course his food requirements are more than double as compared to a normal sized man.

Tallest Ranger Pakistan
Not only his height but his intentions are mighty as well. He said that he will not back up from defending his motherland even if he has to sacrifice his life for it. Abdul Waheed is a pleasant addition to Pakistan rangers who petrol the Wahga border. Only the best rangers are appointed on Wahga border and this must be a happy moment for him to be appointed to Wahga border right from the beginning of his career.

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