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Imran Khan (PTI) Jalsa in Mianwali

Imran Khan (PTI) Jalsa in Mianwali Live Update

Mianwali (News Update / Breaking  News / Thursday, October 2, 2014) – Pakistan tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) held a big rally in Minawali city.

Mianwali is home town of PTI’s chairman Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi.

Imran Khan in addressing this Jalsa.

Imran Khan Addressing in Mianwali Public Rally
Imran Khan Addressing in Mianwali Public Rally

5:42 PM = Meri Qaum Jaag hai Hay. Khawateen bhi bahir Nikal Aau hain.

5:43 PM = Maryam Nawaz! Yeh Badshahi Nai Hay.

5:44 PM = Shukriay aap ka. Main Khosh ho aap say.

5:45 PM = Main Amjad Kahn ka bhi shukria adaa karta hoon.

5:46 PM = NAMAL University Banay Gi.

Imran Khan’s Speech Ends.


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  1. My question for Imran, why could you not appoint Dr. Shoaib suddle for NWFP Accountability Commission? Is it not true that Tareen and Khattak forced you to include an article in the law which said that only people who are resident of NWFP may be eligible for this position! This was a clear case of conspiracy and influence of these 2 on PTI. Why
    cant we hire eligible and competent candidates from all over the world!

    Oh great, no political interference in Police, does it mean NWFP police transformed into a pakistani version of “Scotland yard” without training, education and equipment! Come on PTI Imran, you can do better than this! NWFP accountability commission has not performed yet, moulana diesel is still on the loose! Wished you could have hired Shoaib Suddle for this job, but i know tareen and khattak conspired against him!

    Imran needs to answer if courts in NWFP are passing judgments in not more than 3-6 months span! I guess not, but Nitesh Kumar in India got it done. Khattak and Tareen conspiring against PTI.

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