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Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif, Who is Best?

Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif, Who is Best?

(Comment of an Pakistani “Huda” few month ago)

If we are talking exclusively on Political Ground … than Nawaz Sharif is Miles Ahead of Imran Khan ….

in his THIRD term Nawaz Sharif seems to be mature enough to know;
which Battles to pick & which do not ..
where to relinquish power & where do not …
He is strengthening his Core (Base) while expanding Gradually & realistically ..
He also has a support of a team who are good at playing Good COP & Bad COp & later Nawaz Sharif come & Pacify the issue.
He is helping develop the democratic Progressive Pakistan Image in home & abroad.

However initially it seemed he is doing good on economic recovery but the excessive debt (not all of which is his Fault) is working as a short term cure .. but will come back as vengeance … he is not able to re-structure the Tax reforms … & it is hurting the economy multi-pronged with every passing days … he is also too Prone to Risk electoral reforms….
And he is back to short term visible gimmicks.. rather thn structural correction (Khidmat Cards, Loans, Grants etc.)…
his incompetency can also be seen in managing the big project … which could have done wonders for him .. but end up being Dud (Again not his 100% fault, but it is what it is )…

On the Other Hand Imran Khan is still confused as he was ever .. he is not able to garner Extra support .. & he lost a Major Opportunity by Alliance with JI in Karachi hurting even his Existing vote bank , thr always some rifts going on in Party & remains to be seen what the Party Election brings …. i m not in KPK .. so i cannot comment on the development there .. but from my colleagues from KPK .. some says he did good but still not as much they hoped or wished for ….

BOTH still have TWO years to turn the tide & re-affirm their Position .. if they provide in their respective areas (Pakistan for NS & KPK for IK) .. but one thing is Sure … NS still got Punjab covered and whoever Wins in Punjab … wins in electoral Pakistan .. end of story !

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