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Islamabad UC 48, 49 Chairman By Election Today

Islamabad UC 48, 49 Chairman By Election Today for Local Body / Local Government / Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation

Topday By elections are being held in two Union Council (UCs) of the Islamabad. These UC are UC # 48 and UC # 49. Union Council No.48 Consist of Ares of Sarai Kharbooza and Sangjani. While Union Council No.49 consist of Shah Alllah Ditta Area. These are Rural Area of Islamabad. Theses UCs are situated in NA 49 Halqa.

Candidates in Today UC Election:

UC 48 Islamabad Contest is between PTI’s Malik Muhammad Imtiaz (Bat) and PMLN’s GHazanfar Ali Khan (Tiger).

UC 49 Islamabad contest is between PMLN’s Chairman Candidate Zaki Shah and Independent candidate  supported by PPP and PTI, Malik Jamshaid.

POlling will be held from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Results of UC 48 & UC 49

Islamabad (News Update / Saturday, 24 Sept 2016) –  Candidates belonging to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) emerged victorious in local government by-elections for the chairman seat s in Union Councils 48 and 49. According to unofficial and unverified results, PML-N candidate Ghazanfar Ali Khan won the by-election after receiving 5,208 votes. The runner-up candidate, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Malik Imtiaz received 4,425 votes. On the by-election for UC-49, PML-N’s Shah Allah Datta emerged victorious with 2,918 votes. According to the unofficial and unverified results, independent candidate Malik Jamshed was the runner-up with 2,742 votes.



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