3 responses to “NA 250, PS 112, 113 Karachi Election Results (Latest Updates)”

  1. Muhammed Asif Khan

    Very well done PTI.ALLAH bless u…..Only IMRAN KHAN is the man to clean the rubbish of not only KARACHI but all entire PAKISTAN INSHA ALLAH……….LONG LIVE IMRAN KHAN AMEEN SUM AMEEN

  2. Hassan

    Welldone PTI. Free n fare elections in Pakistan would have resulted in tsunami. Thats y the elections were riggied by other corrupt parties.

  3. Muddi

    SHAME on PTI, 11th May Karachites voted with entusiasm because of their love with MQM and on 19th May again the residents of Karachi boycott the election because of their everlasting love to MQM… PTI should remember that they have not won the NA-250 seat rather it was an alm from MQM…

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