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NA-255 Karachi Results, Maps, Candidates

NA-255 Karachi-XVII
National Assembly Constituency / Seat

NA-255 Karachi Results, Maps, Candidates

NA 255 Karachi Areas

Candidates of NA 255 Karachi Contesting Elections 2013


Sindh Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PS-122 Karachi-XXXIV
PS-123     Karachi-XXXV
PS-128     Karachi-XL

Maps of NA-255 Karachi , PS-122, PS-123, PS-128

NA-255 Karachi Constituency Map
NA-255 Karachi Constituency Map

NA-255 Karachi-XVII Result Elections 2008

Haji Nafees Ahmed Usmani Advocate           PPP       31389
Syed Asif Hasnain                           MQM               157971

PS-122 Karachi-XXXIV Result Elections 2008

Siraj Ahmed Advocate                    PPP          2081
Syed Khalid Ahmed                       MQM               92427

PS-123 Karachi-XXXV Result Elections 2008

Dr. Shakeel Ahmed                                PPP          2361
Shaikh Mohammad Afzal (Khalid Umar)     MQM         76219

PS-128 Karachi-XL Result Elections 2008

Amanullah Khan Masood                    ANP            29433
Sardar Khan                              MQM                  22395
Tariq Khan                               PML-N                       12264
Mufti  Ferozuddin Hazarvi                PPP           1921

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