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NA-30 Swat Results, Maps, Candidates

National Assembly Constituency / Seat

NA-30 Swat Results, Maps, Candidates

NA 30 Swat Areas


Candidates of NA 30 Swat Contesting Elections 2013

PML-N – Ameer Muqam

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PK-82 Swat-III
PK-84 Swat-V
PK-85 Swat-VI
PK-86 Swat-VII

Maps of NA-30 Swat, PK-82, PK-84, PK-85, PK-86

NA-30 Swat Constituency Map
NA-30 Swat Constituency Map

NA-30 Swat-II Result Elections 2008

Syed Allauddin                               PPP                     24063
Shujaat Ali Khan                             PML-Q                 16337
Sher Bahader                                 Independent          7894
Mohammad Hafizur Rehman             MMA                  7363
Mohammad Ayub Khan Advocate    ANP                     3804
Fanoos Gujar                       Pakistan Awami Party     3679
Mohammad Riyaz                           PML-N                 3014

PF-82 Swat-III Result Elections 2008

Ajmir Khan                              Pakistan Muslim League (N)                             3836
Dr.Syed Mahmood Ali Shah     Pakistan Muslim League                                 3212
Adalat Khan                             Independent                                            2724
Muhammad Khan                           Pakistan Peoples Party                 2419
Maulana Syed Irfanullah                 Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal  (MMA)   3958
Waqar Ahmad Khan                        Awami National Party                                   7174

PF-84 Swat-V Result Elections 2008

Sher Alam Khan                         Independent                                            1528
Farman Ali                             Pakistan Awami Party                                   1197
Qari Mahmood                           Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal  (MMA)                  3341
Mohammad Anwar Zaman                   Pakistan Peoples Party 4547
Mohammad Ayub Khan                     Awami National Party                                   6999
Mohammad Riaz                          Pakistan Muslim League (N)                              141

PF-85 Swat-VI Result Elections 2008

Ameer Muqam                            Pakistan Muslim League                                 4990
Eng Mian Shahid Ali                    Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao)                       2429
Jafer Shah                             Awami National Party                                   5573
Jehangir                               Independent                                            2955
Riaz Ahmad                             Pakistan Peoples Party               3015
Sharafat Ali                           Pakistan Muslim League (N)                             3017
Molana Mohammad Gohar                  Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA)                  1278
Nisar Ahmad                            Independent                                            2741

PF-86 Swat-VII Result Elections 2008

Dr.Haider Ali                           Awami National Party                                    8064
Ali Shah Advocate                       Pakistan Muslim League (N)                              2782
Qamus Khan                              Pakistan Muslim League                                  5305
Muhammad Shahi Khan                     Pakistan Peoples Party          4541
Maulana Abdul Haleem                    Mutthida Majlis-e-Amal  (MMA)                    864
Molana Mufti Hussain Ahmad              Independent                                             1336

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