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NA-76 Faisalabad Results, Maps, Candidates

National Assembly Constituency / Seat

NA-76 Faisalabad Results, Maps, Candidates

NA 76 Faisalabad Areas

Jaranwala, Islampura, Ludianwala,

Pathankot, Zafarwal

Candidates of NA 76 Lahore Contesting Elections 2013


Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PP-54 Faisalabad-IV

Maps of NA-76 Faisalabad, PP-53, PP-54

NA-76 Faisalabad Constituency Map - Jaranwala
NA-76 Faisalabad Constituency Map – Jaranwala


NA-76 Faisalabad-II Result Elections 2013

Malik Nawab Sher Waseer                    Pakistan Peoples Party              43294
Zahid Nazir                                 Pakistan Muslim League                     41068
Rai Salah-ud-Din                           Pakistan Muslim League (N)              37734
Ch. Muhammad Wasi Zafar.                    Independent                             16121

PP-53 Faisalabad-III Result Elections 2008

Shahid Iqbal Awan                      Pakistan Muslim League (N)                    20921
Ghulam Haider Bari                     Pakistan Muslim League                        17386
Major (R) Abdul Rehman Rana            Pakistan Peoples Party                   32503

PP-54 Faisalabad-IV Result Elections 2008

Ch. Azhar Hussain                      Pakistan Muslim League (N)                    23794
Rai Muhammad Sohena Khan Kharal      Pakistan Muslim League               10643
Rai Muhammad Shah Jahan Khan           Pakistan Peoples Party               24269

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