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NA-80 Faisalabad Results, Maps, Candidates

National Assembly Constituency / Seat

NA-80 Faisalabad Results, Maps, Candidates

NA 80 Faisalabad Areas




Candidates of NA 80 Lahore Contesting Elections 2013


Punjab Assembly Seats/Constituencies

PP-61 Faisalabad-XI
PP-62 Faisalabad-XII

Maps of NA-80 Faisalabad, PP-61, PP-62


NA-80 Faisalabad Constituency Map - Dijkot
NA-80 Faisalabad Constituency Map – Dijkot

NA-80 Faisalabad-VI Result Elections 2013

Asif Tauseef                                Pakistan Muslim League                  56724
Mian Muhammad Qasim Farooq   Pakistan Muslim League (N)              44927
Mian Tariq Habib                            Pakistan Peoples Party                 36970

PP-61 Faisalabad-XI Result Elections 2008

Sardar Dildar Ahmad Cheema             Pakistan Muslim League           24669
Ch.Gul Ahmad Mahota                    Pakistan Peoples Party               20793
Ch.Zahid Mahmood Goraya                Pakistan Muslim League (N)      17547

PP-62 Faisalabad-XII Result Elections 2008

Ch.Raza Nasrullah Ghuman               Pakistan Muslim League (N)        31742
Rai Ahsan Raza Kharal                  Pakistan Muslim League                 20440
Badarud Din Ch                         Pakistan Peoples Party                      17931

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