7 responses to “Nawaz Sharif PML-N Mansehra Jalsa/Rally on 25/3/2013”

  1. Nadeem

    He has tried running the country twice, both times he failed. He and his idiot brother have billions in loans that were written off/defaults. These brothers have corruption cases pending against them. Why would it be any different this time around? As much money as they make, how much tax did they pay last year alone? At the end of the day, the Sharifs will make deals with the PPP like they always have behind closed doors. It was during this tenure that Punjab Government was over drafted. The myopia of brothers caused heavy damage to public exchequers. Short term planning for the sake of vote garnering damaged a lot this country.


    Nadim i think u live in a heaven of stupid.or may b u r blind thats why u cannot see the facts.

  3. Fahad

    rashid i would say the same for u my educated and aware brother thumbs up for …. people like u have great contribution to take this country here

  4. Fahad

    and please elaborate the facts and The figure ov these culprits bank accounts huh

  5. Fahd

    It Was Brilliant Jalsa Without Any Advertisement.


    Fahad this nation unfortunately cannot be happy for both one which is working hard for the nation and one which is making statements only.

  7. Shafique

    I am just amazed on your shameless behavior Mian sahib, “I am not fond of power, I only want to see my country progressing and my people prosper” yeah well said, but people have not forget that it was you who just want to become a prime Minster for the 3rd time, and want to passed 18th amendment by selling the Hazara people. Now how you can say that I will be happy for Hazara province. And these are the people who have not let you enter in Hazara 2 years back .

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