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PS 76 Dadu – List of Polling Stations

PS 76 Dadu – List of Polling Stations

List of Polling Stations in Provincial Assembly Sindh Constituency PS-76 Dadu Khairpur Nathan Shah. Polling held today on Thursday, March 3, 2016.

Location Map Khairpur Nathan Shah District Dadu - PS 76
Location Map Khairpur Nathan Shah District Dadu – PS 76

GPS Mano Khan Chandio (Combined)
GPS Mian Naseer Mohammad (Combined) (P)
GHS Boys Khanpur (Male) (P)
GPS Ali Bux Jonejo (Combined) (P)
BHU Chowkhandi (Combined) (P)
GHS Boys Boriri (Female) (Sensitive)
GGHS Boriri (Male) (Sensitive)
GPS Shahmeer Wahan (Combined) (P)
GPS Geberji (Combined) (P)
GPS Wasai (Combined) (P)
GPS Mohammad Yousif Naich (Combined) (P)
GPS Loolja (Male) (P)
GPS Ali Akbar Shah (Combined) (P)
GGPS Loolja (Female) (P)
GPS Ibrahim Chano (Combined) (Hi Sensitive)
GPS Ladhan (Combined) (P)
GPS Gharo (Combined) (P)
GGPS Rejhpur (Combined)
GPS Dhani Bux Bughio (Combined) (Hi Sensitive)
GPS Qomecharo (Female) (P)
GPS Murad Chandio (Combined) (P)
GPS Kurkit (Combined) Sesitive
Veterinary Hospital K.N.Shah (Combined) (P)
GPS Khanpur (Female) (P)
GMS Kandi Chukhi (Combined) (P)
BHU Baid (Combined) (P)
Govt: Degree Collage K.N.Shah (Male) (Sensitive)
K.G School K.N.Shah (Male) (P)
GPS Baid (Combined) (P)
GHS Boys K.N.Shah (Male) (Southern Side) (P)
GGPS New Wapda Scarp K.N.Shah (Male) (Sensitive)
GBPS Water Supply Colony K.N.Shah (Female) (Sensitive)
Public Health Office K.N.Shah (Female) (Sensitive)
GGHS K.N.Shah (Female) (Sensitive)
GBPS Main K.N.Shah (Male) (P)
GPS Fateh Ali Khoso (Combined) (P)
GGPS (Main) K.N.Shah (Female) (Sensitive)
GGPS Burira (Combined) (P)
GPS Burira (Male) (P)
GPS Burira (Femlae) (P)
GPS Bughia Muhalla K.N.Shah (Female) Pat – I New Building Wastern Side (P)
GHS K.N.Shah (Male) Souther Side (P)
GBPS Madina Colony (female) (Sensitive)
GPS Landar @ Pir Jo Goth (Combined) (P)
GPS Dost Mohammad Bhurgari (Combined) (P)
GGPS Madina Colony (Male) (Sensitive)
GPS Esso Machhi (COmbined) (P)
GPS Lal Bux Rahooja (Combined) (T)
GPS Murad Khan Gadehi (Combined) (P)
GPS Gozo (Combined) (P)
GPS Shahbaz Colony K.N.Shah (Female) (P)
Ex-Xen Highways Office K.N.Shah DDO Roads (Male) (P)
GHS Gozo (Combined) (P)
GPS Mir Hassan (Combined) (P)
GMS Bero Khan Gadehi (Combined) (P)
GPS Sher Mohammad Gadehi (Combined) (P)
GPS Chowbar (Combined) (P)
GPS Bora Lakhiar (Combined) (P)
GMS Saindad Lakhiar (Combined) (P)
GPS Miro Kalhoro (New building) (Female)
GPS Khushalani (Male) (P)
GPS Miro Kalhoro (Old building ) (Male)
GGPS Khushalani (Female) (P)
GPS Mahdi Shah (Combined) (P)
GPS Pejaho (Combined) (P)
GPS Boys Thallo (Combined) (P)
GPS Ladho Dero (Combined) (P)
GPS Jurio Halo (COmbined) (P)
GPS Raza Mohammad Dero (Combined) (P)
GPS Walidad Chandio (Female) (P)
GMS Walidad Chandio (Male) (P)
GHS Buttra (Combined) (P)
GPS Salari (Combioned) (P)
GPS Mano Chandio (Female) (P)
GPS Buttra (Combined) (P)
GPS Gachal (Combined) (P)
GPS Bahadurpur (Male)
GPS Allah Abhayo Sodhar (Combined) (P)
GMS Rawat Khan Laghari (Male) (P)
GPS Rawat Khan Laghari (Female) (P)
GPS Lal Bux Wadho (Combined) (P)
GPS Saffar Lakhiar (Combined) (P)
GPS Banho Lakhiar (Combined) (P)
GGMS Sattani Chandio (COmbined) (P)
GMS Suhrab Bughio (Combined) (P)
GPS Suhrab Bughio (Combined) (P)
GPS Bandhi (Combined)
GMS Ahmed Khan Khoso (COmbined) (P)
GPS Chhor (New Building) (Combined)
GPS Upper Qamber (Combined) (Sensitive)
GPS Norang (Combined) (T)
GMS Mangwani (Combined) (T)
GPS Kumb Chandio (Combined) (T)
GPS Aliwal Hathin (Combined) (T)
GHS Mado Part- II (Female) (Sensitive)
GHS Mado Part – I (Male)
GPS Kalar (Combined) (T)
GPS Charo (Combined) Partly Improvised (P)
GPS Shero Depar (Combined)
GPS Sodhari Masjid (Combined) (T)
GPS Garkan (Combined) (T)
GPS Khan Jo Goth (Female) (T)
Union Council Office Khan Jo Goth (Male) (T)
GPS Mirwani Upper (Combined) (P)
GPS Upper Aliwal (Combined) (P)
GMS Khuhra Village (Female) (Sensitive)
GBPS Khuhra Village (Combined) (T)
GPS Sanwal Kartio (Male) (T)
GPS Kamangar (Combined) (T)
GBPS Pir Bux Sodhar (Combined) (Sensitive)
GMS Qaim Jatoi (Combined) (T)
GPS Manjan (Combined) (P)
GPS Hussain Depar (Combined)
GBPS Chutto Mirwani (Combined) (Sensitive)
GGPS Faridabad Part I (Male) (P)
GBPS Faridabad (Female)
GGHS Faridabad Part-1 (Male) (P)
GPS Rahmo Tunio (Combined) (T)
GPS Main Faridabad (Male) (P)
GPS Tharu Depar (Combined) (P)
GMS Syed Pur (Male) (P)
GMS Syed Pur (Female) (P)
GPS Malook Machhi (Combined) (P)
GMS Sojhro Mirwani (Combined) (P)
GPS Pakheara Machhi (Combined) (P)
GMS Baledai (Combined) (P)
GPS Soomar Tevino (Combined) (T)
GGPS Bhambha Dera (Combined) (Hi Sensitive)
GPS Raheemdad Sohoo (Male) (T)
GGPS Rahimdad Sohoo (Female) (T)
GPS Gul Mohammad Jatoi (Combined)
GPS Karam Khan Khoso
GPS Kando Wah (Sensitive)
GPS Shah Godrio (Combined) (P)

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