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PTI Karachi Jalsa 25 Dec 2017 – NOC from DC Karachi East

PTI Karachi Jalsa 25 Dec 2017 – NOC from DC Karachi East

Murk: Council Building, near Civic Centre Karachi TeMO21-992312I445Fax49230994 , No.DC/K/E/HVC/LBR/ 4(1 3 2017 Karachi, dated.. 28 11.2017


With reference SSP East vide letter No.SSIVE/D1B/5163 dated 22-11-2017. There is No Objection the permission is granted in connection with Jalsa at Bagh-e-Jinnah on 25th December 2017 to be organized by Khuram Sheer Zaman (MPA) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insqf (Karachi). on the following terms and conditions.

1. No Main Road obstruction and disturbance shall be caused to the General Public and Traffic.
2. No political / Sectarian / Objectionable activity / Speeches shall be allowed which
3. Ncause r creates Hatred amongst the various sects or injured feelings of the people. Speaker will deliver any speech against the ideology of Pakistan.
4. Effigy Flag of any Political or religious Party Person shall not be burnt
5. There shall be no display of carrying of Arms.
6. Use of Deck / Speakers / Sound Amplifier shall comply with the pro•isions of Hest Pakistan Amplifier Ordinance 1965.
7. The organizer is solely responsible in case of any mishap and will free the 1,11 consequences.
8. The Organizer / Applicant will, held responsible fin. any borne or damage caused
to any person or property during the above mentioned event
9. Thai the Applicant (Permit Holder) shall abide the order of the concerned OA c, LOW Enforcing Agencies.
10. This. NOC can be cancelled without cosigning any reason oral./tout prior nark,
II. The violation of this permission whereof shall, seriously viewed and action will be taken order the / relevant laws.
11 The Organizer shall personally be responsible for ensuring the timings.
13. No advertisement shall he carried out against the *urine Court Ordinanc,•
14. The Organizer will be responsible for the violation of terms and coalman NO•
15. This NOC is liable ed an(/ time without assigning any reasons .111.1 without prior eroti•

PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan Niazi will address the jasla e -aaam in Karachi on 25th Dec 2017.

PTI Jasla 25 Dec 2011 Karachi

Copy for information: -/.
The Commission, Karachi Division Karachi
2. The Commandant Aim / Ghat, rangers Karachi), inheminian
3. The Senior Superintendent of Police Karachi East.
4. The Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Karachi East
5. The Assistant Commissioner Jamshed Quarter Karachi East
6. The Station House Officer Concerned Police Station Karachi East.
7. The Applicant

PTI Karachi Jalsa 25 Dec 2017 - NOC from DC Karachi East
PTI Karachi Jalsa 25 Dec 2017 – NOC from DC Karachi East

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