3 responses to “Public Opinion Poll shows popularity of Shahbaz, Nawaz Sahrif, Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri”

  1. M.Yakoob

    Such “Public Opinion Polls” and Surveys are “Bullshit”….. How can a few thousands or even lacs express the feeling of 18 Crore AWAM ?

  2. syed aleem shah lecturer in mathematics from kohat

    The demands of PTI and PAT are correct but the way they follow is very wrong and illegal. CM Punjab shehbaz shareef must resigns from cm-ship. sumo notice must be taken for the model town incident. sho model town, all the higher authorities of police that were part of model town incident must be punished but National & Provisional assemblies must not be dissolved.

  3. Raza

    m.yaqoob sb with all due respect .how can 10000 in people’s of PTI and PAT dicide the feeling of 18 caror awam?

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