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Punjab Housing Scheme 2014 by Shahbaz Sharif

CM of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif announced another noble project of housing scheme for poor people of Punjab. People do vote for betterment and such schemes do play a vital role in lives of common man. According to a survey the 68% of poor people of Pakistan don’t have their own houses and income of these 68 percent is between 8000/- to Rs. 30000/-.

Punjab Housing Scheme 2014

So government must think about these 68 percent who are living their life hand to mouth and why not as food, shelter and clothing are three basic pillars of a welfare state. Countries that provide these three basic needs, their people live a good life. So we must appreciate this low income housing scheme introduced by PMLN. Six Billion rupees have been allotted to this Punjab housing scheme in which 500,000 houses will be built.

The scheme goes like this that 1 million rupees loan will be provided by banks on easy conditions and 40% of the cost will be borne by government. This scheme will work very well for the poor if it is kept corruption free. This housing scheme is aimed for poor of society and specially widows. PMLN is going on with lots of development schemes so it would also be a question that when will these schemes come to play.

Well this scheme is surely a hope to those people who are really getting frustrated for their own houses and are living hand to mouth and are forced to pay rents as they don’t have any other option but to pay for living.

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