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Supreme Court Will Announce Hajj Quota Case Orders Today

Supreme Court Will Announce Hajj Quota Case Today

Honorable Court Reject Stay Order Application of MORA

Islamabad (News Update / Tuesday, 03 May 2016) – Today Supreme Of Pakistan will again hearing the writ petition of Hajj Quota 2016 AD / 1437 AH. The three members bench headed by chief justice SC Anwar Zaheer Jamali will hear the case.

yesterday the  court put question in front of council of Hajj ministry why then Quota of Private Hajj Scheme was reduced by the Government of Pakistan. In last year of 2015 the private hajj operators quota was 50 percent of total Hajj quota. While remaining 50% was allotted to Government Hajj Scheme.

It is expected that Supreme Court will announce detail judgement in this case today. After the Supreme Court decision, The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith harmony will perform Balloting of Hajj Applicants.

Secretary Religious Affairs will submit an reply in supreme court that was ordered by chief justice yesterday.

It is likely that the Hajj Balloting may done today after the verdict of Supreme Court in Hajj Quota Case.

Before we part with the judgment, we may add that the performance of Hajj is a sacred duty for Muslims. But the quota allocated to Government of Pakistan by the Saudi Government is limited and within that limited quota, it allocates a certain portion to private HGOs. Since several hundred HGOs apply for allocation of quota from the Private Hajj Scheme share as worked out by the MORA, all applicant HGOs cannot be accommodated and the dismay of those who are left out is understandable. We are conscious that the MORA has to take several steps to ensure that travel, accommodation and other arrangements are made to the satisfaction of Hujjaj. It requires a couple of weeks to complete the exercise. However since Hajj operation is a time bound exercise, arrangements have to be made within that limited time. It is therefore, imperative that the Hajj Policy be framed well in time in such a manner which is fair, just, inspires confidence and evokes minimum criticism. It is also imperative that the Hajj Policy for the next year should be announced at the earliest after the conclusion of Hajj. In these circumstances, we are persuaded to direct as under:-

(i) The Hajj Policy should be framed, announced and placed on the website of MORA preferably within six weeks of the arrival of last flight of Hajis from KSA under intimation to the Registrar of this Court. This of course would be subject to any policy decision of the Saudi Government regarding allocation of Hajj quota for Pakistan;

(ii) The Hajj Policy should be framed by a Committee headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA); a nominee of the Competition Commission of Pakistan; a nominee of the Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan; a nominee of the Secretary Ministry of Law and Justice Division & Parliamentary Affairs; and a nominee of the Attorney General for Pakistan;

(iii) The credentials of each applicant/HGO should be examined and decision taken on merit;

(iv) While framing the Hajj Policy, the MORA should be guided, inter alia, by the recommendations made by the Competition Commission of Pakistan to which reference has been made in Para 8 above; and

(v) The MORA should constantly monitor the working and performance of each HGO during Hajj and this assessment should form basis for further improvements in Hajj Policy for next year’s Hajj.

Hajj Quota Case Judgement of 2013
Hajj Quota Case Judgement of 2013

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