Tahir ul Qadri and Social Media

What People say on Return of Dr.Tahir ul Qadri in Pakistan from self exile of Canada.

Tahir Qadri Again Landed in Pakistan

Tahir Qadri Again Landed in Pakistan

Lahore Airport (Monday, June 23, 2014) – After capturing plane for 5 hours at Allama Iqbal International Airport. Governor of Punjab take the wicket of Tahr ul Qadri. Maulana agreed to to step down from plan and go home with following demands:-

Bullet Proof Motor

Live Coverage of Media

Company of Governor Ch. Muhammad Sarwar upto residence at model town

Personal Security gaurds

Please Mr. Revolution Stop today.

Afifa Say:

Mubarak Hoooooooooo….!!!! TuQ has decided to come out of his Emirates container. because the airline has threatened to shut down the air conditioning!

Malveros Say:-

Where is Imran Khan ? I thought he was going to stand on the stage outside Islamabad Airport along with Sheikh Rasheed, Chaudhry’s of Gujrat and MQM Reps to announce the so-called Green Revolution. Instead he has run away to Bannu for photo opportunities with poor IDP’s and there also he is blaming federal govt for everything.

Nasir Ali Say:-

Please don’t destroy peace of Pakistan.

Dawood Suleman Say:-

Why is he not deported? He is enemy of political stability.

Ahmad Say:-

This is pathetic on both sides!!! And all this fiasco on a foreign airline which creates an even bigger embarrassment to the country!!

Zahid Say:-

Please don’t come to Pakistan for another Drama under bullet proof car.

Tahir ul Qadri took lift from Punjab's Governor

Tahir ul Qadri took lift from Punjab’s Governor

انقلاب جھا ز ھی میں آنا تھا مگر اے سی بند ھو گیا اب جہاز کے واش روم میں سے انقلاب باھر آرھا ھے ۔ امید ھے اب گورنر کی کار میں انقلاب آییٔگا، سعودی عرب اور مصر میں تو پابندی ھے ھی اب متحدہ عرب امارات اور گلف سے بھی گیا ، سونامی اور انقلاب اب کنیڈا کیسے جایگا ؟

Arshad Say:-

As a citizen of Pakistan who lived all his life by choice and raising my next generation in Pakistan, i feel so depressed and sad on the state of affairs. It seems that lots of people and the certainly the mindless MEDIA have lost the sense of what is right and what is wrong! How on earth a person can be allowed to paralyze the country like this? Mr. Qadri is just a tout nothing more and our media is covering him 24/7 for so many days. The policemen who are injured today, aren’t they sons of this country? who give these Jahals of PAT the right to raise arm on people on official duty? Condemned and/ or foreign based polticians are suporting Qadri but no one asks them why they are doing it? It’s a petty that a person having taken oath of layalty to a foreign country is causing anarchy on the name of Inqalab. Allah (SWT) please help this country and its people!

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