5 responses to “Truth Always Prevails Book Written By Sadar uddin Hashwani”

  1. naim ur rehman

    I have just finished your book SUCH KA SAFAR this indeed is one of the finest memoirs I have ever gone through. I wish you had captioned the book MEMOIRS OF A BRAVE MAVERICK. You are a great business tycoon of this country.Please keep writing and keep suggesting how to improve the overall condition of the country with special stress on bringing down the dollar to a realistic level and solving energy issues.I am sure even those who hate you will be forced to read your writings.Stay blessed always

    Naim ur rehman islamabaad

  2. naim ur rehman

    Your full and complete coverage of criminal actions of DECOIT ASIF ALI ZARDARI S\O LATE ULLU KA PATHA ZARDARI is also highly commendable. I think this man did maximum damage to this country from the time of it’s inception

  3. Hamid raza

    Correct100% Nadeem sb

  4. Prof. Zafar Ullah Khan Buttar

    A wonderful effort by a great and real Pakistani -Hashwani
    -Prof Zafar Buttar Islamabad

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