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First Ever Fashion Movie of Pakistan

Rafina re-titled as Good Morning Karachi is the first ever fashion movie of Pakistan. The movie has been mostly shot in Akhter Colony of Karachi. The story revolves around a middle class woman Rafina, played by Amna Allyas, Rafina is a strong and determined woman who wants to establish herself as a successful fashion model within the boundaries of Pakistani Fashion Industry.

Pakistan Fashion Movie

The film is to make our youth realize about their dreams and how much it can be awful when comes to practical life. As Rafina will show the contemporaneousness, the lead role Arif played by Yasir Aqueel will make a revolutionary change with his political status. Directed by Sabiha Sumar and written by Malia Scotch Marmo, Good Morning Karachi has been rated 7.5 on IMBD since its Asian Nation Premier.

Pakistan Fashion Film

Good Morning Karachi is expected to be Sumar’s another great project after Khamosh Pani (Released in 2003) won many awards due to its women centric theme as Sabiha’s stories always posses much of women based themes as she have worked with many female writers in the past. Well all we can do is wish Sabiha good luck with her upcoming Movie as it is the first ever Fashion based realistic movie been made in our country.

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