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  1. Murad Ali



    Bait al-Hikmah (House of wisdom) marks the rebirth of the world of Islam’s first Bait al-Hikmah which was established in Baghdad by the Caliph Abu Jafar al-Mansur (135-158 A.H.) The new Bait al-Hikmah was inaugurated by Mr. Ghulam Ishaque Khan, the former President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 11 December, 1989.

    Bait al-Hikmah is an integral part of the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan’s project of Madinat al-Hikmah (city of education, science and culture) as envisioned by Hakim Mohammed Said Shaheed.

    The area allotted to Bait al-Hikmah is ten acres of land including provisions for future development. Offering maximum service to users, the first phase of Bait al-Hikmah comprises the ground and the mezzanine floors with a built-up area of 1,25,000 square feet each.249 columns support the roof. It has an open to sky miniature garden with a fountain.


    Build and maintain quality collection in a variety of formats and to provide the best possible
    use of the library resources, services and facilities to our Library users.


    To have the capabilities and resources to provide the standard information to the library users, the Bait al-Hikmah library contains more than 0.5 million books and following other collection.

    Ø Translations of Holy Qur’an in 67 Languages
    Ø Manuscripts
    Ø Hand written original scripts of prominent Authors / Scholars
    Ø Rare Books
    Ø Gifted Collection of prominent personalities
    Ø Quaid’s Collection
    Ø Archival Collection
    Ø Pakistan Historical Society Collection
    Ø Newspapers Record / Newsclipping Folders (covering 1300 Subjects)
    Ø Periodicals
    Ø Microfiche and Microfilms
    Ø CD’s

    Library Personnel

    Professional staff : 09
    Library Assistants : 08
    Others : 29


    Ø Hamdard Foundation Pakistan
    Ø Faculty, Student and staff of Hamdard University
    Ø General Public
    Ø Government Departments
    Ø Private Organizations


    The library is dedicated to provide access and services to all its users for learning, teaching and research needs. Few major services are :
    1. Circulation
    2. Reference Service
    a) Walk-in Reference
    b) Telephone Reference
    c) Mail / Reference
    3. Research Consultation
    4. Instruction Service
    5. Inter – Library Loan
    6. Photocopying
    Library Hours

    Main : 08: 00am to 04:00pm
    Circulation : 08:15am to 03:45pm
    Saturday Closed

    Bait al-Hikmah Library Services on Sunday

    09:00 a.m. to 03:30 p.m.

    Available Services

    1. Information 4. Books Renewals
    2. Library Membership 5. Books Reservation
    3. Issue & Return of Books 6. Reference

  2. shamima

    I want to buy books of hakeem muhammad saeed sahib . PLZ tell me how can I buy . I went to karachi 2 years back . I bought books from the humdarad book shop and I want to subscribe hamdard risala I live in New Jersey USA please help me . Thanks

  3. shahmir ali

    thanks for giving an excellent knowldge about Hakeem muhammad saeed

  4. zahid ullah khan

    I just opened this site for my daughter she is in class 3 and she is very happy to read about HAKEEM MUHAMMAD SAEED also the pics are clear thanks for giving knoweledge about Pakistani scholar please do more work on such personalities.

  5. syed huzaifa

    i like his personality he is my favourite hero

  6. Ali Merchant

    Please mention the names of books written by hakim mohammed saeed.

  7. Farrukh Ejaz

    Kindly let me know about book of Hakeem sahib named ” Japan ki Kahani”. It is not available in market

  8. Rabia Iqbal

    Does anyone know about the Death of Shaheed Hakim Muhammad Seed? How and where he killed?

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