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Hakim Saeed 13th death anniversary – A Tribute (Jan 9, 1920 to Oct 17, 2011) , to

Hakim Muhammed Said
9 January 1920 -17 October 1998
Physician, Educationist, Visionary, Philanthropist

Did you have life easy? No, But you made it your mission To make it a little easier for others.
Orphaned at two,
You opened your heart to all children, Giving them respect, education, care, Making sure their little voices didnt go unheard.
As an adult, you had to start life twice: Once in your birthplace, once in your land of choi You wore holes in your shoes, But your spirit of service stayed intact
Two rented rooms, pieces of rented furniture: You started small, but your heart was big. Your God-given gifts, you used in God’s name, And He blessed you hundredfold.
Many men’s pride is swelled with success; Yours increased your humility. So you turned your institution over to Allah – Its profits to profit the poor.
All men have dreams -a thing apart from life. You said Why not? and worked to make them real. Free clinics and dispensaries on wheels, Hospitals, schools, colleges, even a university!
You married modern science to ancient medicine, And bred respect for hikmat in doubting hearts. Journals, books, societies, and conferences, Assemblies, think-tank -all bear witness to your drive.

You spoke the truth, unwavering, unafraid. One morning a gun spoke, to silence you forever. 0, vain attempt! Your words, your works live on. The gun but gave you a martyr’s immortality!

A tribute from KhauJa Yasmin Qureshi.

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