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Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya was a Sufi of Suhrawardiyya order (tariqa). His Moseleum or shrine is situated in the heart of Multan city of Pakiatan province Punjab. His full name was Al-Sheikh Al-Kabir Sheikh-ul-Islam Baha-ud-Din Abu Muhammad Zakaria Al-Qureshi Al-Asadi Al Hashmi.
Sheikh Baha-ud-Din Zakariya known as Bahawal Haq was born at Kot Kehror, a town of Layyah District near Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, around 1170.

His grand father Shah Kamaluddin Ali Shah Qureshi al Hashmi arrived Multan from Makkah en route to Khwarizm where he stayed for a short while. He was from the descendents of Asad Ibn Hashim the maternal grandfather of Hadhrat Ali ibn Abi Talib RA.

In Tariqat he was the disciple of Renowned Sufi Master Shaikh Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi who awarded him Khilafat only after 17 days of stay at his Khanqaah in Baghdaad. For fifteen years he went from place to place to preach Islam and after his wanderings Bahawal Haq settled in Multan in 1222. Baha-ud-din Zakariya died in 1267 and his mausoleum, Darbar Hazrat Baha-ud-din Zakariya, is located at Multan. The mausoleum is a square of 51 ft 9 in (15.77 m), measured internally. Above this is an octagon, about half the height of the square, which is surmounted by a hemispherical dome. The mausoleum was almost completely ruined during the siege of 1848 by the British, but was soon afterward restored by the Muslims

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  1. One important question? If you study Arabic history it tells you that Asad ibn Hashim had no son. If you research even on the Internet you will find this fact. So it means there is some broken link in the family tree of Hazrat Bahauddin. You should research Banu Asad’s family tree as well. Because it was also callled that Hazrat Bahauddun is the Descendant of Banu Asad. (you will not find the name of Ameer Ayaz as Sahabi in the History

    • No,he was not from Banu Asad but according to “Al Insaab Ul Arab” Hazrat Asad bin Hashim had descendent(s).In some of the family trees there is mention of Mahyaar bin Asad,while others mention it as Habbar bin Asad (Hazrat Hubbairah tul Asadi)- who is family tree is: Hubbar bin Asad bin Aswad bin Qussai (Quresish) bin Qalab.So in either case family tree is linked to Prophet Mohammad (SAW). There is a complete chapter on Habbarid Dynasty in Sindh (Hubbariun ke Sindh main amad).For more details see:

  2. Hi does anyone has Hazarat bahauddin zakariya family tree(ancestry).please upload it on Wikipedia .many thanks

  3. mjy HAZRAT BAHA UD DIN ZIKRIYA ka bary mai mukamil information chahy, agr kisi ki pas ho tou plz mjy email kr dain. Information jis mai Hazrat Sb k sons ka zikar or wo kahan kahan dafan h, or hazrat sb k sons k b shajjra nasb.. plz

  4. Assalam walekum, i am also hashni qureshi if any one have sajra nasab of hashmi qureshi or hazrat bahauddin zakariya family plz sent to me

  5. Main b makhdum hon bannu main meri rehaish hy.mujhy b apnay aba wo ajdad ka tafseeli shajra bataye.mujhy baha uddin ki aolad k baray main malomat darkar hain k uski aolad kitni thi .kahan kahan dafan hain.aolad kahan kagan hain.

  6. Mera name imran shah hai aur Mary pass baba g ka mukamil sahjra hai jis ko chahiye mujh say rabta kary0324 7706029

  7. Those interested in the family tree of Hazrat Baha Ud Din Baha Ul Haq Zakkariyya Multani may follow our familiy website: and the sub link Anwar E Ghousia (the book authored by one of the Sajjadah Nashins of Pir Baha Ul Haq). Dr. Wajid Pirzada

  8. visit our family website: for Shajra and authentic reference “Anwar e Ghousia”

  9. Muje Hazrat Pir Sadar Ud Din Nori Almaroof Pir Khuwaja Nori sarkar ka shajra chaiye agr kisi k pas hai to plz muje mail kar den ya wese pohncha den . 0313-5147848.

  10. اسلام علیکم۔ برادرم الحمد لِلہ فقیر عالم اسلام کے عظیم سلسلہ غوثیہ قادریہ کی کشمیر ہزارہ میں عظیم درگاہ ۔ درگاہ غوثیہ قادریہ سنگڑی شریف کی اولاد سے ہے ،نسبی تعلق بہاوالدین زکریہ سے ہے اور نسبتی تعلق سلسلہ قادریہ سہروردیہ نقشبندیہ چشتیہ سے ہے خاندان کے عظیم ولی کامل شیخ الاسلام بابا صاحب شیخ عبدالسلام قادری رحمتہ اللہ علیہ دسوی صدی ہجری میں ملتان پیراں غائب سے کشمیر ہزارہ میں جلوہ افروز ہوئے(ملتان میں پیراں غائب آپ کی وجہ سے مشہور ہے) سیدنا غوث الاعظم کی سلیمانی پتھروں کی تسبیح عصا اور ۱۸۸ ہجری کے قرآن کا قلمی نسخہ جو کہ سیدنا غوث الاعظم سے ان کی اولاد میں بطور خلافت متوارثآ چلا آرہا ھے وہ بھی بطور خلافت قادریہ آپ کو عنائیت ہوا۔جوکہ ہمارے پاس بطور متوارثآ موجود ہےفقیر خاندان کے دیگر بزرگوں اور خاندان کے شجرہ جات پر تحقیق کر رہا ہے اگر کسی خاندانی فرد کے پاس بہاوالدین زکریہ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ کی اولاد کا شجرہ نسب ہے تو برائے کرم فقیر کو ای میل کے ذریعہ سے عنائیت فرمائیں فقیر کا تزکرہ العارفین کے نام سے کتاب پر کام جاری ہے جبکہ دوسری کتاب گنج العارفین اشاعت کے مراحل میں ہے۔تمام احباب سے درخواست ہے کہ اگر کسی خاندانی اہل علم کے پاس کوئی شجرہ ہے تو وہ فقیر کو ای میل کردے تاکہ تحقیق کے ذریعے سےخرافات سے بچا جاسکے ۔ اللہ عزوجل ہم سب کا حامی و ناصر ہو آمین ای میل ایڈریس

    For all details about family tree of Hazarat Baha Ud Din Zakkariyya.

  12. dr .wajid sahab peerzada ki history bta sakty hn mean k shajra nasab nd his forefather name

  13. Hazrat Bahauddin Zakariya was a Sufi of Suhrawardiyya order (tariqa). His Moseleum or shrine is situated in the heart of Multan city of Pakiatan province Punjab. His full name was Al-Sheikh Al-Kabir Sheikh-ul-Islam Baha-ud-Din Abu Muhammad Zakaria Al-Qureshi Al-Asadi Al Hashmi.
    Sheikh Baha-ud-Din Zakariya
    ( Address District Mansehra KPK Teshil OGHI -AGROOR)
    In 11th century A.D a great saint (sufi) Shah Kamal Uddin Qureshi lands at Multan after having a tiresome voyage of 15 long years all across Indian Sub-continent preaching Islam. He was Khalifa (caliph) of renowned Sufi and founder of Suhrawardi chain (order of Sufism) Shiekh Shahāb ad-Dīn” Yahya ibn Habash as-Suhrawardi. Shah Kamal Uddin has his traces (genealogy) to Hazrat Ali Ibni Abi Talib the last pious caliph and son-in-law of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). A great history of Suhrawardi chain starts here.
    Son of Shah Kamal ud Din, Sheikh Wajeeh ud Din was also a renowned Sufi of Suhrawardi Chain having great respect and admire among the people of the land. In the year 1170 one of his son born regarding whom no one known that he will begin a new era of love, brotherhood, hospitality and promotion of teaching of Islam. timthumbParents named him as Bahauddin but world know him as Bahauddin Zakariya Multani.
    According to Wikipedia Baha-ud-din Zakariya had seven sons who gained fame in their own right as great Sufis – Shaykh Sadruddin Arif, Shaykh Burhanuddin, Shaykh Ziauddin, Shaykh Alauddin, Shaykh Qudrat-ud-din, Shaykh Shahab-ud-din, and Shaykh Shams-ud-din. Shaykh Sadruddin Arif’s son was the famous Sufi Shaykh Abul Fath Ruknuddin, also known as Shah Rukn-e-Alam. His progeny dispersed all over India during the coming centuries and produced many famous people in all walks of life and scholarship. His descendants are found in Multan, Karor laal esun, Gujrat, Gujar Khan, Watli Distt.Chakwal,Pail Piran (Khushab),Bhera Sharif (Sargodha) Pir Khara Distt. Chakwal,[Karuli Piran (Chakwal) Hazara.
    One of the sons of Shaik Sadruddin Arif, namely Shaikh Qutbuddin was Qazi of Sargodah during the era of Aurangzeb Alamgir. Sheikh Qutbuddin had three sons. One of them was named on his grand-father Shaikh Bahauddin Zakariya. Miyan Bahauddin is little known to the people but Miyan Khaki Shah is known to all. No documentary evidence available that how and when Miyan Bahauddin embraced the title of Khaki Shah but it is widely believed that his companions gave him this title due to his down-to-earth behavior and humble attitude.
    Miyan Khaki Shah (8)Miyan Khaki Shah was a great Sufi and religious scholar of his time. His basic education and graduation in religious sciences was from renowned institute of religious teachings ‘Madrasah Raheemiya’ Dehli which was founded by Shah Abdur Rahim son of Shah Wali Ullah. He came to Guli Bagh area of Pakhal valley where two of his friends Shah Deewana baba and Shah Kangal were residing. Both of them were famous saints of the area. Mian Khaki Shah also started teaching the masses regarding Islam. In a short span of time, his fame spread all across the region.
    The area, at that time was ruled over by Turks tribes who were allies of Mughals. In recognition of his services, Turks awarded him with vast fertile lands so that he can continue his job of preaching Islam without any hast of livelihood. He used to travel far and wide for preaching his mission. Once during such journey people of the area where village Khaki is situated nowadays, told him regarding the unavailability and shortage of drinking water. He prayed to Allah and dug a water well himself. Its been almost 300 years but that well is still watering thousands of people of the area. That water well is known as ‘well of Khaki Shah’. Since than name of the area also changed to his name and now called as ‘Khaki’.
    Miyan Khaki Shah (4)It is said that his popularity among the masses grown by each passing day. People of the area gathered around him round the clock which was in fact contrary to his temperament. He decided to to migrate once again. He travelled to Agror valley and chose an area surrounded by mountains from three sides carpeted with dens forests away from the main Oghi town of Agror which is now called as Sufaida. Once again Turks allotted him a vast piece of land which is still in possession of his descendants.
    IMAG0313Miyan Khaki Shah after living a purposeful life of almost 70 years died in mid of 18th century . He was laid to eternal rest at the bank of main Oghi Mansehra road near the town of Bandi Sadiq. Area is now commonly known as Miyan Khaki Shah (11)Ziyarat Khaki Shah Baba which is the main graveyard of the areas as well. Khuddam (servants) of Khaki Shah Baba, also known as Malangs or Faqeers are having their residences side-by this graveyard and are permanently serving the grave of Miyan Khaki Shah as well as the graveyard in general. Pedestrians, passengers traveling on Mansehra Oghi road as well as visitor all across Pakistan use to give their Nazranas (donations) to these Khuddams of Khaki Shah Baba which is a great source of income & livelihood.
    Children of Miyan Khaki Shah are now one of the biggest families of the area. They are called ‘Miyan’ and residing at various villages of the valley including Sufaida, Bandi Sadiq, Maloga, Sher Gahr as well as in Khaki village of Pakhal valley. A huge portion of this family is now permanently settled in Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore.
    In recent years, one of the descendent of Miyan Khaki Shah Baba, Miyan Abid Imran S/o Miyan Gul Imran of Sufaida village, articulated his dream of seeing a fabulous Urs on the shrine of Miyan Khaki Shah Baba. Till the year 2010 there wasn’t any tradition of celebrating Urs on this Shrine. However, since ages, every year on the second day of both Eids (Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha) there use to be a IMAG0326Mela (fare) wherein small-businessmen use to establish temporary stalls of various goods of kids entertainment and edibles. Various activities of entertainment, magic shows etc. also convokes. People from all across the Oghi valley use to come along with their children for celebrations and entertainment. The narrated dream turned into reality just a couple of years later when mining of china-clay (kaolin) discovered in the lands of descendants of Miyan Khaki Shah. Mines owner decided to allocate a specific amount on each truck of sold kaolin. This allocation, at the end of each year, becomes a hefty sum which utilizes for organizing the Urs and carry out other social activities in the villiage Sufaida. A tradition of great Urs is establishing now where people from across the country come to celebrate the Urs.Miyan Khaki Shah (13)
    Photo log of shrine of Miyan Khaki Shah
    Miyan Khaki Shah (2)Miyan Khaki Shah (4)Miyan Khaki Shah (5)Miyan Khaki Shah (9)Miyan Khaki Shah (12)

  14. Abdul Rehman hashmi

    Fayaz Malik mujy information send karo

  15. Syed Hashimi Mecci

    Bahausdin zakriya was fatmi hasni syed, forefathers used to write shah qureshi with names which was a tradition of Arab Sadat that time. Asad was a nickname of Ali(As) so shah qureshi, coz there is no history of hazrat Asad bin hashmi genealogy in islam this was just adapted due some reasons coz Syeds were killed those days so most of Sadat hide themselves for more or less time,to find n explore truth try to find the real family of kamaluddin ali shah in Mecca.

  16. Hazrat bahauddin zikriya was a fatmi syed of Mecca. His grandfather kamaluddin Ali shah qureshi came from Mecca to khawarizm then to multan. He was shah qureshi (syed qureshi)& not a common qureshi family which most of innocent people think about him.In those times most of Syeds in Mecca (hijaz ?used to write qureshi with their namesbutvthere must be some indication like syed, shah, amir, or name of ahle bayt which they used to write with their name to show their relation with them…..continue!!

    • Sayed Hasnain yusuf

      syed hashine you r very much right , as much i know Hazrat was from hasni fatimi family .A true hasni sayed.Seen many sajrahs and they dont match with each other. i think sme so called
      qureshi ppl have tempered original sajrah.

  17. Syed Hashemi your imagination are without any supporting evidence. There is nothing anything on internet supporting your views.
    On the other hand the family tree of hazrat baha ud din zakriya is very confusing on internet.
    At some places it found that Ameer Ayaz was the son of asad ibn Hashim and at some places Habbar is mentioned as the son Asad ibn Hashim and at some places Ameer ayaz is shown as the son of Abdur Rehman.
    Anyone can explain.

  18. Iam also syed Qureshi but many people said that yr not syed iam sooo much confused that whtr iam syed or qureshi or hashmi please same one help me regarding this…we are amkhdums since childhood we were thought that we r syed but as I grow up I cme to knw that iam not syed quresh soo this is very confusing….dont knw who iam ??????

  19. Syeds are basically fatmids, whether they use naqvi, qureshi, Pakistani, etc. So , one must not be confused with these prefixes or suffixes. There could be a historical lost regarding someone’s family tree which is really a worst thing.

    • syed hashmi how can you say that hazrat was fatmi syed???
      kindly show us any the book reference and justify us about you verdict.

  20. Sahab seikh sahabuddin soharwardi ka sajra send kar dijiye plyz mera watsapp no he +917621850355

  21. Sahab seikh sahabuddin soharwardi ka sajra send karde plyz mera watsapp no +917621850355 he

  22. I’ve some logical n historical evidences to prove syed baha ud din zakriya multani a true fatmi Hashemite qureshi which I can only share with the real descendents of Him. Now a days, everybody is claiming to be his descendant. First prove urself to be a real descendant of Him which is possible only for few families who will not like to be exposed in this way to gain respect, care n honour on behalf of the prophet’s blood line through them. I know one family(true descendants)in samanpindi Gujarat Pakistan. May be a few more in other regions!
    >Note that all shajras mentioned above are absolutely fake n wrong!

  23. Hashmi syed u should explain facts
    Maybe you are thinking of the blood line which Hazrat BahaudDin Rh.A has from his mother side and or the basis as his cousin Hazrat Makhdoom Rasheed Rh.A was the maternal grandson of Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani Rh.A.

  24. From mother side Hazrat was from trimzi naqvi Sadaat. Maternal grandfather was syed hisaamuddin trimzi. From father side he was fatmi hashmi Qureshi AlMakki.

  25. By the way Hazrat Abdul Qader jeelani was not a syed.

  26. From maternal side Hazrat Baha ul Haq was a trimzi naqvi syed. His maternal grandfather name was Syed Hissaamuddin Trimzi naqvi.

  27. By the way you r from 21th century claimed that Hazrat BahaudDin Rh.a is Hassani Fatime Syed. Without any information/ facts. You are true.
    And the grandson of Hazarat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani Rh.a claimed that Hazrat was Syed is wrong?
    Because his grandson also couldn’t provide the true blood line may be some missing chain.

  28. السلام علیکم احباب

    مجھے شاید بہت سال لگ گئے یہاں کمنٹ کرنے میں لیکن اچھا لگا کے بہت سے لوگ موجود ہیں جو اپنے خاندانوں کے بارے میں جاننا چاہتے ہیں، اور یہ آپ کا بنیادی حق ہے. لیکن ساتھ ہی ساتھ بہت سی غلطیاں دیکھنے کو ملی ہیں کچھ احباب کی جانب سے شجروں میں، جو ظاہر ہے مناسب دیکھ بھال نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے یہ مسئلہ درپیش آیا ہے. میں مخدوم الملسمین حضرت مخدوم عبدالرشید حقانی (رح) کی نسل مطہر سے ہوں اور کچھ عرصے سے اس خاندان پر کام کر رہا ہوں جس میں بہت حد تک کامیابی ملی ہے، اس کے لئے میں نے وکیپیڈیا اور فیس بک پر پیج بنا رکھے ہیں جہاں وقتا فوقتا خاندان کے بارے میں معلومات شیئر کی جاتی ہیں، اگر جو لوگ شوق رکھتے ہیں تو مجھ سے اس نمبر پر رابطہ کر سکتے ہیں تاکے مزید بات ہو.


    مزید اس فیس بک پیج کو لائیک کیجئے

  29. Daaim wasim Qureshi

    Abdul Manaf One Son
    Hashim four sons
    1Abdul mutlib 2Abu safeel 3 abdul Naraaf 4 ibn Asad

  30. Daaim Wasim Qureshi


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